This guide should help you resolve the Fortnite error Failed to download supervised settings.

Mistakes are never fun in online games, and more often than not, they’re just things you have to deal with once in a while. While Fortnite is generally super reliable, it’s also not immune to occasional hiccups that require players to take action to fix a problem. Since we also go through these issues, we usually know a trick or two to fix the issues. Here is how to fix error Failed to download supervised settings in Fortnite.

Failed To Download Supervised Settings Fortnite Error Fix

The first thing to note is that it could be a server problem and you should check the @FortniteStatus Twitter account to see if the problem is widespread. If that doesn’t show any issues, keep reading for our fixes.

For some reason, this issue seems to tend to primarily affect Fortnite players on consoles. There are a few simple fixes that shouldn’t take you too long and get you right back into the game.

Fix 1

Your first option is to shut down and restart your console. This means that on Xbox you will need to select Complete Shutdown in the Power Mode & Startup section of the settings menu if your console would otherwise just suspend.

If for some reason that isn’t enough, once your console is off, unplug it completely. This shouldn’t be necessary, but it is an alternative.

Fix 2

Your other option is to temporarily disconnect your console from your network. Even if you’re on a wired connection, you can still completely disable your connection on PlayStation. Xbox offers the Go Offline option which serves the same purpose.

If you don’t really want to do this on PlayStation, choosing to test the internet connection will also briefly disconnect your console and reconnect it. This is an easier solution if you want something quick.

Either of these options should solve your problem. Now just relaunch Fortnite and you should be able to log into the game without any issues.

That’s all you need to know to how to fix error Failed to download supervised settings in Fortnite. When you’re back in the game, be sure to progress on your Paradise Discord quests, as this should end in a few days. We also have the full list of week two quests to help you rack up some XP.