Valorant is a popular first-person hero shooter developed by Riot Games, so there are always new people downloading the game for the first time. However, for many users, downloading Valorant is stuck at an extremely slow download rate of 0.1 KB/s.

If you are also facing the same problem then consider trying the solutions below to fix the problem for good.

Why is Valorant download stuck at 0.1 KB/s?

A weak internet connection is one of the main reasons why Valorant download is stuck at 0.1 KB/s. However, this is not the only potential cause. There are many more culprits that may be responsible for the problem:

  1. If there is a persistent problem with the DNS server, it may affect your Valorant download speed.
  2. Windows Defender Firewall can block some necessary Riot Client services and cause this slow download issue.
  3. The problem can also appear due to outdated or corrupted network drivers.

Luckily, you can fix the problem quickly with a few simple fixes.

1. Restart the download

Let’s start with the basic but most effective solution: restart the download. It turns out that the issue may be the result of a temporary glitch in the Riot client. In this situation, just restart the download and check if it fixes the problem.

2. Check your internet connection

The Riot client will fail to download or update Valorant if you are connected to a weak and unstable internet connection. You can check internet stability and speed by visiting an internet speed checker website. If you notice that you are getting a relatively lower speed, try restarting the router.

If restarting the router did not improve your download speeds, contact your ISP and ask them to fix the problem.

3. Close all applications that use a lot of bandwidth

Valorant’s download speed can drop to a crawl if you’re running too many bandwidth-consuming apps in the background. Such applications will constantly consume the Internet, directly affecting the download speed. As a solution, close all such background apps using Task Manager.

Here’s how.

  1. Open Task Manager using the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keyboard shortcut.
  2. In the Process tab, click the Network category name. This will automatically sort all your apps in order of bandwidth usage.
  3. Right click on all unnecessary bandwidth consuming apps and choose Final task from the context menu.

Launch the Riot client, start the download process and check if the issue still occurs.

4. Switch to Google’s DNS Server

The Riot client will have trouble starting the download process if your current DNS server is unstable. You can try switching to another DNS server to eliminate the problem.

Although there are many public DNS servers you can switch to, Google’s servers are one of the most popular choices. As such, our guide will cover connecting to Google’s DNS. If you want a different one, be sure to check out the best DNS servers for better online security and replace the IP addresses in the guide below with the server of your choice.

  1. Open Settings using Win + I keyboard shortcuts.
  2. Picking out Network & internet from the left pane.
  3. Click on Wireless > Material properties.
  4. Click on Edit close to DNS server assignment.
  5. Click the drop-down icon under Change DNS settingsand choose Manual from the context menu.
  6. Depending on your DNS provider, choose IPv4 Where IPv6.
  7. If you choose IPv4, enter and in Prefer and Alternate DNS Serversrespectively.
  8. If you choose IPv6, enter 2001:4860:4860::8888 and 2001:4860:4860::8844 in Prefer and Alternate DNS Serversrespectively.
  9. Click Save.

Check if you are still experiencing the issue.

5. Allow Riot Client to Communicate Through Windows Defender Firewall

The issue may appear if the Riot client is blocked in Windows Defender settings. As such, you can try whitelisting the Riot client in the firewall settings to get rid of the issue. Here’s how:

  1. Open the The start menutype Firewall and network protectionand press Enter.
  2. Click on Allow an application to pass through the firewall.
  3. Check both Private and Audience side boxes Riot Client.
  4. Click OK to save changes.

Try downloading Valorant and check if the problem persists. If so, try the next solution on the list.

6. Flush the DNS Cache

The DNS cache stores data from all of your computer’s DNS queries for future use. However, if the DNS cache gets corrupted for some reason, it can lead to connection issues.

As a solution, you will need to clear DNS cache data. Clearing the DNS cache will flush all IP addresses and DNS records. Here’s how to flush DNS cache on Windows 11.

  1. Open Command Prompt.
  2. Type ipconfig /flushdns and press Enter.

Wait until you see the message “The DNS resolver cache was successfully flushed”. After that restart the system and check for the problem.

7. Update your network drivers

An outdated or corrupted network driver can also cause connection issues. When you have a network-related problem, sometimes updating your network driver fixes the problem.

Here are the steps to download the latest network drivers:

  1. Open Device Manager using one of the many ways to open Device Manager.
  2. Double-click Network adapters.
  3. Right-click on the installed network driver and choose the Update driver option.
  4. Click on Automatically search for drivers.

Windows will now search and install the best available network driver for the system. After the update process is completed, reboot the system and check if the issue is resolved or not.

8. Change Riot Client Priority

The next solution on the list is to change the Riot Client priority. After changing the priority to high, Windows will give more importance to Riot Client, automatically fixing the current problem.

Here are the steps you need to follow.

  1. Open Task Manager.
  2. Go to Details tongue.
  3. Right click on RiotClientServices.exeplace the cursor on Set priorityand choose High from the context menu.

Relaunch the client and you will notice that you no longer experience the problem.

Valorant download issue fixed

It’s a very simple process to download or update Valorant using the Riot client. But the customer may also encounter problems from time to time.

If Valorant download or update is stuck at 0.1 KB/s, feel free to use the solutions above. But in the worst case, if nothing works, consider connecting with the Riot Games Support Team.