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Check How to Remove Cellular Download Limit on iPadOS/iOS 13

Can’t load large apps over the LTE mobile network with your iPhone? This helps avoid excessive data charges, but can be resolved by changing the settings if necessary. Mobile data is quite expensive in most parts of the world and bandwidth is often limited. Therefore, Apple limits the size of apps that can be loaded or updated over an LTE connection. This limit is set at 200 MB on iOS and iPadOS devices. However, people who live in certain areas have access to unlimited mobile data, so they don’t have to worry about a data limit or additional charges. Therefore, you need to turn off this limit to be able to download large apps especially games to your devices over the cellular network.

If you’re on an unlimited LTE data plan, here’s how you can download apps larger than 200MB to your iPhone and iPad over a cellular connection. Apple has made many changes to its latest version, iOS 13, including improved privacy, new security settings, and the long-awaited “dark mode” to name a few. One change that may have gone unnoticed is “the option to download large apps via mobile data.”

Much to the chagrin of iPhone users, previous versions of iOS had a 200MB limit on App Store downloads over cellular or mobile data, a limit that could not be exceeded. With iOS 13, this limit has been removed, allowing apps to be downloaded regardless of their size. iOS 13 allows some precautions to be taken so that users are at least warned before downloading large apps. This will help users to be more aware of large downloads.

How to Remove 200MB Download Limit on iPhone/iPad

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad
  • Scroll down and choose iTunes and App Store
  • Tap on the App Downloads option located in the Mobile/Cellular Data section
  • From the three options, select “Always allow”

Final Words: How to Remove Cellular Download Limit on iPadOS/iOS 13

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