India once again dropped in the global rankings for offering the best median mobile and broadband download speeds. Ookla, a global leader in network intelligence and insights, has released an updated report for September 2022. Data from Ookla suggests that India has fallen one place in the global rankings to offer the best median mobile speeds, from 117th in August to 118th in September 2022. However, at the same time, the median To download speeds have actually improved for mobile users in India. Median mobile speed increased from 13.52 Mbps in August to 13.87 Mbps in September 2022.

India also fell on the median fixed broadband list

According Ok soglobally, India’s ranking fell one position in offering the best median fixed broadband speeds, falling from 78th in August to 79th in September 2022. Overall download speeds Fixed medians in India saw a slight increase from 48.29 in August to 48.59 Mbps in September.

According to September’s Speedtest Global Index, Kosovo recorded the largest ranking increase, moving up 42 places in the world, with Norway retaining its No. 1 rank for global median mobile speeds. For overall world fixed median speeds, Madagascar recorded the largest ranking increase, moving up 14 places, with Chile ranked first for overall world fixed median speeds.