China’s interactive live entertainment platform Inke, in cooperation with Beijing Space Wish Aerospace Technology Co., Ltd., on Thursday launched a satellite-themed digital collection platform called “Space Wish Universe”. At the same time, the public welfare digital collection of “Inke Space Wish Baby” was launched. The first batch of collections will be officially launched on April 24, China’s Space Day.

The original intention of this welfare project is to help more children with autism access public welfare support for medical care and education. The first batch of digital collectibles was provided by Inke, and the content was designed based on its intellectual property: an owl called “Xiao Ying”.

In May 2021, Wang Hao (Network ID: Yi Tuhao), Senior Internet Field Practitioner, founded Beijing Space Wish Aerospace Technology Co., LTD, a “space services” company that combines advanced and sophisticated satellite technology with internet functions. In addition, the company successfully developed and launched its own satellite and produced the “Space Wish” smartphone application product in less than a year.

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At 2:01 p.m. on March 5, 2022, China successfully sent six LEO broadband communications satellites – developed in a single batch for the first time – and one Xuanming Space Wish satellite into scheduled orbit with the CZ-2C carrier rocket. from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center. .

Of the six satellites, the Yi Tuhao Space Wish Satellite and the Xuanming Space Wish Satellite will be used specifically to receive “Space Wishes” or “Digital Souvenirs” downloaded by users of the company’s app through their smartphones. To date, nearly 50 million “space wishes” have been received by the satellites with their “space wishes certificates” displayed.