Today, Intel announced the latest Intel vPro platform, powered by 12th Gen Intel Core, which delivers the world’s best processors for business productivity. Built for business, the Intel vPro platform with 12th Gen Intel Core processors delivers industry-leading productivity, the highest performance, and the most comprehensive platform security for any business.

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“The next generation of the Intel vPro platform was designed to bring even more security, performance, and manageability to all businesses. And, with the introduction of 12th Gen Intel Core processors, we’re reimagining the way people work with our powerful hybrid architecture for business, productivity and multitasking.”
-Stephanie Hallford, Intel Vice President and General Manager of Enterprise Client Platforms

How it works:

With over 15 years of innovation, Intel vPro offers a comprehensive platform portfolio to meet the technology requirements and computing options that enable businesses of all sizes to thrive.

  • Intel vPro Enterprise for Windows is the complete business platform focused on large enterprises and managed enterprises. It offers a comprehensive set of technologies to help businesses stay ahead of security threats.
  • Intel vPro Essentials extends security and device management capabilities previously targeting large enterprises to the small and medium business segment. Intel vPro Essentials also includes Intel Hardware Shield to help protect Windows operating system-based platforms.
  • Intel vPro Enterprise for Chrome creates a new class of Chromebooks for business environments with the performance, stability, and security technologies businesses need. This new platform also enables decision makers to associate the right device with the right user.
  • Intel vPro, an Evo design The devices meet both Intel vPro and Intel Evo design criteria – laptops that bring compelling user experiences to mobile business environments.

Why is this important:

Intel vPro takes a revolutionary leap forward in true pro performance with 12th Gen Intel Core processors. Based on the Intel 7 process, the new Intel vPro platform with 12th Gen Intel Core processors offers:

  • The smart design combines efficient cores (E-cores) and performance-cores (P-cores), allowing users to freely multitask and collaborate while trusting their PC to handle both user applications and computers.
  • 12th Generation Intel mobile processors deliver the best performance for business productivity with up to 27% faster consumer application performance over the previous generation, and deliver consumer application performance up to 41% faster than the competition, based on CrossMark scores.
  • 12th Generation Intel desktop processors deliver the best performance for business productivity with up to 21% faster consumer application performance over the previous generation4, and deliver application performance up to 44% faster than the competition, based on CrossMark scores.
  • 12th Gen Intel Core i9-12900 desktop processor delivers up to 23% faster application performance than the competition when using Microsoft Excel in a Zoom video conference, and up to 46% faster quick with Power BI on a Zoom call.
  • An unparalleled connectivity experience with Intel Wi-Fi 6E (Gig+) and Intel® Connectivity Performance Suite is like having a built-in IT expert always ensuring a seamless wireless experience for the user.
  • 12th Generation Intel Core processors are enhanced with support for DDR5 memory on desktop processors, and both DDR5 and LPDDR5 on mobile processors. Entry-level Intel vPro Enterprise workstations also support ECC memory with the corresponding Intel chipset.
  • Thunderbolt 4 provides a powerful single-cable docking solution to expand a mobile workspace with multiple 4K monitors, accessories for increased productivity, and ergonomic comfort while charging the laptop at the same time.

About Security:

The new vPro platform with 12th Gen Intel Core processors delivers the most comprehensive security for businesses with:

  • Intel® Threat Detection Technology (Intel® TDT) is the only hardware-based ransomware detection that improves efficiency and the speed at which the latest attacks are detected.
  • A new state-of-the-art detector is capable of detecting off-earth life and supply chain type attacks, called abnormal behavior detection. This detector uses artificial intelligence to profile “good application behavior” and flags anomalies that occur in endpoint security software, all in real time.
  • New silicon-based capabilities support the expected next wave of operating system virtualization as well as enhancements to Intel chipsets with new fault injection detection to help prevent malicious code invasions.

About the most comprehensive business PC platform:

Intel vPro delivers enterprise-grade performance with a comprehensive set of features to help protect and manage devices. Now powered by 12th Gen Intel Core processors, Intel vPro offers a comprehensive platform portfolio with computing solutions for nearly every type of worker in every size business. With increased remote collaboration, multitasking, and user and computer applications competing for computing resources, Intel vPro is critical to enabling worker productivity and maintaining business continuity.

More than 150 designs in all form factors from top manufacturers will be available this year, combining the security and manageability of the vPro platform with the incredible user experiences of Intel Evo design for mobile.

For Internet of Things (IoT) developers, 12th Gen Intel Core processors based on the Intel vPro platform deliver business-class performance, remote management, and more. They are ideal for applications in retail, healthcare, manufacturing, banking, hospitality, education and more.

Cisco point of view:

“New proprietary broadband channels will enable Wi-Fi 6E to transform Wi-Fi network capabilities with gigabit-speed connectivity, greater capacity for more devices, and improved reliability for mission-critical applications,” said Matt MacPherson, Cisco Enterprise Wireless CTO. “We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Intel and delivering superb end-to-end experiences through the combination of the new Cisco Catalyst and Meraki Wi-Fi 6E access points and the new 12th Gen Intel vPro platforms with Built-in Intel Wi-Fi 6E (Concert+).”

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