Twitter multiplies innovations to enrich the platform’s offer in the face of tough competition. After audio, the social network is now focusing on writing by announcing the launch of a new option allowing you to post longer texts.

So, is Twitter becoming a next-gen blogging tool?

The debates and discussions are rife on Twitter, with many users rushing to the social network to share their opinions, criticisms or ideas – and all in 280 characters. But this limit is sometimes problematic when it comes to complex subjects.

And while Twitter popularized the trend of “threads” to make it easier to post longer stories, the platform seems keen to push the concept further.

Twitter has now announced that it is rolling out a new “Notes” option, which it has been testing for some time with a handful of users. It allows users to post longer texts as attachments to their tweets. The function, accessible via a new “Write” tab, is similar to the tools present in the back-end of a blog composer.

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Users can customize their “header”, the banner at the top of the page, by adding an image of their choice and cropping it. In the body of the text, users can insert photos, as well as links and, of course, tweets.
And forget the 280 character limit for regular tweets. Here, titles can be up to 100 characters while body text can be up to 2,500 words.

Besides the length of the text, the other big change concerns post-publication editing. Unlike tweets, users will be able to go back to their “Notes” file to edit it, a major benefit that many Twitter users have long been asking for.

Additionally, users won’t need to have a Twitter account to view these longer reflections. Each blog post will be accessible through a unique URL – a good way to reach more users and popularize the option. The platform nevertheless clarified that the “Notes” function would not benefit from an “algorithm boost” and would not have priority over regular tweets.

Users will be able to share their “Notes” text through their account with a preview of their text.
Twitter has already committed to expanding the type of content accessible on the platform, such as the possibility of subscribing to a newsletter via a user profile or launching an audio space from a tweet.

Overview: Notes We’re testing a way to write longer on Twitter.