Jazz, Pakistan’s first 4G operator and largest internet and mobile broadband provider, has signed an agreement to connect all of its mobile towers directly to fiber in Lahore. Fiber infrastructure and service provider, Nayatel, has partnered to spearhead this Fiber to the Site (FTTS) project, which is expected to be completed by December 2022.

FTTS is a network connectivity solution that allows each cell site to carry up to 10 Gbps of traffic at significantly lower latencies and improves network availability and resilience. Upon completion of this project, Jazz subscribers will benefit from faster download speeds, lag-free online gaming, and improved audio and video calls over IP applications. The infrastructure will pave the way for future technologies (5G/6G) that require low latency and high-speed backhaul to operate.

“Digital transformation across the country increasingly requires high-bandwidth solutions, with demand for data and speed increasing exponentially. Fibrization illustrates our commitment to providing a consistently fast and reliable Internet solution; and is crucial if we are to build a digital ecosystem that complements the changing lifestyle needs of users,” said Jazz Chief Technology Officer Khalid Shehzad.

The demand for high-speed mobile broadband is growing at an unprecedented rate. This growth is driven by an increase in digital media applications. At the same time, working from home practices have also contributed to an increase in low latency requirements for today’s mobile networks. There is an urgent need to deliver more data through advanced and extensive fiber networks while maintaining high network availability.

Speaking at the project announcement ceremony, Nayatel CEO Wahaj Siraj said:

“This partnership opens new horizons for the implementation of high-speed data connectivity. Nayatel has always pursued a vision of providing quality internet, cable television and telephone services to its customers. Now we aim to facilitate digital transformation by working with Jazz to build the infrastructure needed to bring Pakistan on par with the world’s most developed countries.

Over the past two years, Jazz has invested US$560 million in its strategic goal of connecting the unconnected to high-speed Internet and upgrading its 4G infrastructure to meet growing bandwidth demand. The mobile operator currently has an extensive fiber network carrying live customer traffic in 26 cities. Plans are underway for further expansions targeting 70% FTTS penetration over the next 5 years. A fiber-dense, future-ready network will form the basis for many next-generation services such as 5G, FTTH, IoT, enterprise networks and Industry 4.0. With this step, Jazz services are expected to grow overall in terms of performance.

Jazz is Pakistan’s leading 4G operator and a leading digital service provider with over 74.8 million subscribers, including 36.5 million 4G users. By providing the broadest portfolio of value-added digital services, Jazz continues to be the undisputed telecommunications leader in the country. www.jazz.com.pk