The 2022 5G auction has ended, telecom companies have been awarded the spectrum and we are now waiting for the rollout of 5G network services in India. Among all telecom operators, Reliance Jio has been making the buzz for a pan-India 5G rollout in 2022. Jio has a unique position in the market as it has purchased the highest 5G spectrum, built its own stack of 5G network and can also support Indian standard 5Gi. So if you’re wondering about Jio’s 5G rollout plans, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we have covered Jio 5G India launch date, its 5G band support, list of cities where Jio 5G will be launched, etc. On that note, let’s dive into it.

Jio 5G Launch in India: Everything You Need to Know (August 2022)

In this article, we have summed up everything we know about Reliance Jio’s 5G network services in India. From Jio 5G launch date to support for 5G bands, we haven’t left out any details in this article. So expand the table below and let’s start with the 5G spectrum that the Indian phone company has purchased.

Jio 5G Spectrum: 5G Bands in India

In the 5G auction conducted by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) in India, Jio acquired 24.7 GHz of spectrum for Rs 88,078 crores. This makes Jio the highest bidder, having the largest pan-India spectrum (26.77 GHz).

Reliance Jio has purchased 5G bands in all popular frequency bands: 700MHz (n28), 800MHz (n5), 1800MHz (n3), 3300MHz (n78)and the mmWave bonus 26GHz (n258) bands. Here, the 700MHz band is the most sought-after band as it will allow Jio to penetrate rural areas in India and bring low-cost 5G services to the masses. Although this lower band may not provide the highest speeds, it can cover long distances and provide faster download speeds than 4G/LTE to everyone in India. You can learn more about all 5G bands supported in India via our linked article.

In the low-band (also known as sub-GHz) 5G spectrum, Jio has made it clear that it will provide 5G services across India, reaching every corner of the country. He bought the 700 MHz band on the 22 circles in India and some 800 MHz sub-GHz bands in 4 circles.

To note: For those unfamiliar with telecommunication circles, the DoT has divided India into 22 circles or geographical areas to facilitate spectrum allocation and enable communication. Within each specific telecom circle, calls are treated as local calls, and those outside the zone are long distance calls. If a telecom company wants to operate in a specific circle, it has to purchase a license/spectrum for that circle through an auction process, which is exactly what happened in the 5G auction in India.

In the mid-frequency band below 6 GHz, Jio purchased at least 2 x 10 MHz in the 1800 MHz band in six crucial circles. Other than that, the company has opted for 100 MHz in the 3300MHz band for the 22 circles, making Jio the largest 5G telecom operator in India. By the way, Jio already owns the 2300 MHz band in all important circles.

Coming to mmWave 5G bands, Jio has acquired 1000MHz in the 26GHz frequency band, always in each of the 22 circles, which is simply impressive. You can find the full list of Jio’s 5G band allocation in the table below.

Jio 5G Bands in India

Deployment of Jio 5G: launch date

Jio has yet to officially announce the launch date of its 5G service, but recently Akash Ambani, the Chairman of Reliance Jio, said that the company will be celebrating “Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav” with a 5G rollout across India. . If we follow the buzz around town, it’s likely that Reliance Jio will launch its 5G services on August 15, 2022India’s 75th Independence Day.

That said, this announcement might be for a pilot test in some cities or metropolitan locations across India. It will take a month or two for Jio to fully roll out its 5G services in major Indian cities. And a phased rollout to Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities could then follow early next year.

Jio 5G Supported Cities in India

As we noted above, Jio has purchased 5G bands for all 22 circles, so yes, Jio 5G is coming to all parts of India. However, according to a report, the company’s 5G services will be initial rollout in 9 cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Jamnagar.

Note that this is not an exhaustive list and may include other cities like Pune, Chandigarh, Gurugram and Gandhinagar. Apart from that, Jio has completed planning for 5G coverage in over 1000 cities, so a pan-India rollout is imminent. Coverage planning was based on targeted customer consumption and revenue potential, and Jio used heatmaps, 3D maps, and ray-tracing technology. Additionally, it has conducted trials for various 5G use cases like virtual and augmented reality, low-latency cloud gaming, online live TV streaming, and telemedicine, among others.

Do you need a new Jio 5G SIM card?

Jio 5G in India: launch date, bands, cities, plans, SIM card, download speed, etc.

Recently, we wrote a detailed article explaining whether you need a 5G SIM card to use 5G services. Here we have noted that none of the indian telecoms carriers have announced that a new 5G SIM card is required to access the 5G network. So if you have a Jio 4G SIM card, you will probably be able to use Jio’s 5G service without any problems or SIM card upgrades. That said, we’re watching this space closely, and if Jio announces a new 5G SIM card policy, we’ll update the article accordingly.

Jio 5G upload/download speeds

So far, Jio has conducted 5G trials in 8 cities and recorded 5G speeds in varying degrees. A recent 91Mobile Report shows Jio’s 5G trial in Mumbai delivered download speeds up to 8 times faster than 4G bandwidth. It looks like Jio 5G can bring download speed up to 420 Mbps and 412 Mbps in download speed, which is a massive upgrade from 4G speeds in India.

We don’t know if the test was done on the mmWave or sub-6GHz band, but Jio’s 5G speeds sure show promise. We’re awaiting more test results to see how Jio’s 5G network performs in real-world use.

An interesting element here is that Jio has built its own 5G network stack using Open-RAN technology with Radisys using equipment from different vendors. It will be a win for Jio if the network infrastructure performs at the same level as other fully stacked 5G architectures. You can read more about Jio’s indigenous 5G solution in our article on 5G development in India.

Jio 5G Plans and Prices in India

It’s too early to tell what Jio’s 5G plans and prices will be in India. However, we are well aware of Reliance Jio’s competitive practices, so we expect Jio’s 5G plan to be somewhere between Rs 400 and Rs 500 per month. Currently, the ARPU (average revenue per user) of Jio is around Rs 175.

5G services will allow Jio to massively increase its ARPU in the coming years. However, keep in mind that Jio might introduce a two-tier 5G plan for sub-6GHz and mmWave 5G services. We hope mid-band 5G services will be reasonable in price. We will continue to update this article once we have more information. So if you want to know all the latest information on Jio 5G data plans, we suggest you bookmark our in-depth guide and check back in a few days.

Everything you need to know about Jio 5G rollout in India

So that’s all we know about Reliance Jio’s 5G rollout in India so far. We’ve covered everything from Jio’s 5G service launch date, band support, speed, pricing, and more. We are getting closer to the launch of 5G services in India, and if there is one thing to take away from all the developments, it is that Jio will be a crucial player in making 5G a mainstream network in India. Anyway, it all comes from us. If you want to know how to check the supported 5G bands on your phone, head over to our linked article. And if you have any questions regarding 5G rollout in India or Jio 5G, comment below and let us know.