The Dallas Cowboys held their ninth practice at training camp on Tuesday and now all the attention is on the Professional Football Hall of Fame game with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Next time we will see this team compete at any level on Thursday, and for the first time since the end of last season, it will be against a competition that is not itself.

There’s a lot going on with the Cowboys right now, with the HOF game on Thursday, the dedication ceremony taking place this weekend, and Hard knocks premieres next Tuesday night (watch the trailer for yourself here).

To properly sort out all of the current Cowboys news in the right places, we’re hopping on it for a live broadcast on Blogging The Boys’ YouTube channel. We start at 6 p.m. ET, so if you’re arriving late, you can always watch the replay at your own pace.

This particular livestream features myself, Dave Sturchio (who you can hear every Monday on the BTB Podcast Network at Boyz jersey), and Tom Ryle who has actually been at Oxnard for a few days. Ryle has promised to offer an insider account of his visits.

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