While the state is under raging rain, waterlogging, soggy environments and creepy critters are making life miserable for several households.

Although the threat is not linked to the rainy season alone, during the incessant downpours complaints of snakes being spotted in residential premises increase.

However, by following certain steps, residents can largely avoid coming into contact with poisonous reptiles.

Abeesh KA, forest watcher and district coordinator of SARPA, a snake rescue app, shares some tips on this.

Keeps the environment clean

Litter will naturally attract rodents and other creatures to your enclosure. And this in turn attracts reptiles. It is therefore very important to keep the environment clean and avoid throwing food waste to keep snakes and other poisonous reptiles away.

Clear the thickets around the house

During the rainy season, the ground becomes covered with weeds and thick undergrowth forms in no time. Since these plants are favorite places for snakes to balance their body temperature, the chances of their presence in such places are high.

During the rainy season, the ground becomes covered with weeds and thick undergrowth forms in no time.

Thus, weeding and clearing lawns play an important role in limiting the presence of snakes.

Avoid storing waste in the kitchen

In many households, food waste is stored in bins overnight for disposal the next day. These food matters also attract smaller creatures which in turn attract snakes. Therefore, cleaning up all food waste at night and keeping the kitchen clean will make it a safer place.

Check the joint covers, the mattresses

In order to balance body heat, snakes usually take shelter under warm clothing and mattresses. So always check the sheets and mattresses before you go to bed.

Avoid stacking clothes

It is also important to avoid littering and carelessly throwing clothes around the house. Always keep folded clothes in a closet. And, whenever a cloth is pulled from a pile, check it carefully before using it.

Kerosene, garlic juice not deterrent to snakes

Some believe that pouring kerosene, diesel, or garlic concoctions will prevent snakes from creeping into the premises of the house. It’s a myth. No chemicals can act as a deterrent against these reptiles. Kerosene or other pungent substances can force snakes out of places they are locked in when poured on them. But such substances would never prevent their intrusion.

The SARPA application, a 24/7 response mechanism

The SARPA application developed under the aegis of the Kerala Forest Department includes a round-the-clock response platform providing instant repair and rescue measures. The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store and registration is simple. If a snake is spotted, take its photo or the photo of where it is hiding and upload it through the app.

A rescue team, part of a large network that also includes senior forest officers, would arrive on the scene to assist you.