It’s been five months since the Kodi Foundation released Kodi 19.1 ‘Matrix’. The latest version of the popular home theater software has brought a host of fixes and changes.

Now Team Kodi is releasing version 19.2 with more fixes and improvements.

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This is what has changed:


  • Fixed: crash when accessing invalid PVR channel from favorites
  • Fixed: crash on startup when looking for missing channel icons
  • Fixed: crash on startup caused by a missing timer type
  • Fixed: “Permanently delete” records from the recycle bin
  • Other more minor bug fixes

Video library

  • Fixed a bug that removed UniqueIDs when scraping the library, causing unexpected behavior for addons relying on these IDs


  • Added translations for game controller emulators and add-ons


  • Expose the path of the EPG tags icon as a ‘thumbnail’ property
  • Expose the serial number of the EPG tags as the ‘seasonnum’ property.


  • Websocket: manages partial messages

Additional modules

  • Fixed: display logic for official and third-party modules

Windows specifics

  • Fixed: Possible crash when changing monitor due to adding / removing hardware.
  • Fixed: Audio passthrough does not (randomly) work on some systems when display refresh rate matching is enabled.
  • Improved: Reverse reject exchange chain is used on all Windows 10 systems, even though the graphics driver does not support the latest levels of DirectX functionality.
  • Improved: 10-bit swap string is used by default on Windows 10 systems when HDR display is detected (also for 8-bit SDR video sources).
  • Fixed: Possible crash related to WS-Discovery when non-computer devices (eg IP cameras) are connected to the same network.
  • Fixed: Possible crash when HDR is turned on / off externally from Windows 10 display settings.
  • Fixed: No image or incorrect black level with some video drivers when limited range output is enabled in conjunction with DXVA2 hardware acceleration and HDR passthrough.

Android specifics

  • Fixed: External storage volumes not visible on devices running older versions of Android

Xbox specifics

The big news here is that we can finally make 19.x “Matrix” available on Xbox – thanks for putting up with the delay while we fix the blockers!

  • Fixed: Crash when playing 4K HEVC videos due to insufficient memory.
  • Fixed: GUI rendered to 1080 and scaled to 4K instead of native 4K.
  • Fixed: 4K resolution is incorrectly reported in logs as 1920×1080.
  • Fixed: Crash when “Change display refresh rate on startup / shutdown” is enabled with 4K resolution.
  • Fixed: Tone mapping is not used by default when playing HDR videos.
  • Fixed: Missing information on the refresh rate of the display on the OSD of the video debugging information (Alt + O).
  • Fixed: Internet SSL connectivity is not working due to the unusable path to the built-in CA certificate pool.
  • Improved: Exchange chain performance using DXGITO EXCHANGEEFFECTTO RETURN TOTO THROW.
  • Improved: 10-bit swap chain surfaces are used if an HDR compatible TV is detected (even for 8-bit SDR videos).
  • Improved: HEVC DXVA2 decoder performance using 128-byte aligned decoder surfaces.

You can also explore Kodi’s GitHub page if you want a full list of what’s been fixed and improved since the last version.

You can download Kodi 19.2 ‘Matrix’ from here now.

Photo credit: Andrey_Popov / Shutterstock