Five months ago, the Kodi Foundation released Kodi 19.2 “Matrix” with a host of fixes and changes. This followed just two weeks later with Kodi 19.3.

Now Team Kodi is releasing version 19.4 with even more fixes and improvements.

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You can check the Kodi 19 branch changelog herebut the list of the main changes made in this version is as follows:


  • Fix: Fixed home screen context menu when there are more than 10 items in the menu.
  • Fixed: Seekbar wouldn’t disappear after 5 seconds when using a remote app, e.g. Kore or JSON, to pause Kodi.


  • Fixed: Missing semicolon on English keyboard.
  • Fixed: Chinese keyboard character now displays correctly.

The music

  • Fix: export of artist discography to NFO.


  • New: method for sorting recordings according to season and episode.
  • Fixed: Crash when navigating in an empty guide.
  • Fixed: Hiding/removing a channel group now works correctly.

user interface

  • Fixed: All favorites of a restricted/locked media source are now hidden.
  • Fixed: Blu-ray ISO title and watched status are now displayed correctly.
  • Fix: wrong language identified from subtitle name fixed.


  • Fixed: EDL mute now works.
  • Fix: display of ASS subtitles now works correctly.

Android specifics

  • Fix: Adjusted audio buffers.
  • Fixed: Various TrueHD stuttering/dropping issues fixed.

Linux specifics

  • Fix: Autoplay DVDs.

macOS specifics

  • Fixed: Mouse cursor positioning in full screen.

Windows specifics

  • Fixed: Flickering with interlaced H.264 SD on AMD GPUs.
  • Fix: Crash on unexpected network configuration (e.g. no MAC address obtained).

Xbox specifics

  • New: Audio passthrough via WASAPI.
  • Fix: Permission error preventing installation of Python add-ons.

You can also explore Kodi GitHub page if you want a full list of what’s been fixed and improved since the last release.

You can download Kodi 19.4 ‘Matrix’ from here now.

Photo credit: Andrey_Popov / Shutterstock