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Announce, a UK-based tech startup, is launching the beta version of, a influencer marketing platform and ecosystem that digitizes, monetizes and

democratize otherwise monopolized influencer marketing by bringing together marketers and influencers of all sizes (nano-, micro- and mega-influencers) on a single platform, the Marlet.

Marketers (advertisers) create digital campaigns on, set the budget according to the volume of engagements and desired impacts, indicate the preferred social media platforms, the preferred type (s) of influencer, etc. Affected influencers are alerted by as soon as the campaign is created.

As many relevant influencers, interested in spreading the brand’s story, can simply share the campaign on as many social media platforms as they want. Influencers are paid per impression / click they are able to generate in their subscriber network on any of the major social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, WhatsApp, etc.

Apvertise CEO Yinka Daramola and CTO Tope Olakunle describe like a light bulb in the darkroom of overly monopolized and ineffective influencer marketing.

According to the CEO, “’s mission is to mitigate the traditional challenges of today’s influencer marketing: false follow-ups are resolved and it is now possible to set the right budget because only real clicks (impacts) are paid ; cost inefficiency and saturation rate will decrease (as engagement skyrockets) as the complexity of finding, communicating, contracting and monitoring influencers is now fully digitized

The CTO added that the vision is to “democratize, digitize and equitably monetize influencer marketing globally”. According to him, “ will go through very rapid iterations to fully deliver on its promises”.

CMO Adellet Sarkis added that “in fact, with, anyone can now be an influencer”. Aren’t we all, anyway?

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