LinkedIn is for sure one of the best platforms when it comes to finding jobs and employees. People and recruiters from all over the world are available on this particular network, some looking for jobs, some looking for employees.

With this website in high demand, it is only natural for LinkedIn to ensure that the website that is loved by so many only sees greater advancements. As a result, employees at LinkedIn Headquarters are working hard every day to make this space better than it was yesterday.

Recently, the platform saw another interesting change. Application Finder Nima Owji recently tweeted that the platform was working on introducing a new schedule option. However, while the scheduling option may not be a new trend, the recent advancement comes with a composite flow.

While many third-party apps previously allowed scheduling on LinkedIn, the in-platform update will prove more useful. Users will be able to see what their post will look like when it is published at their desired time before it is published and make changes accordingly.

Also, while seeing your post in advance and making edits is cool, the platform will also guide users on how to edit their posts and make them much more engaging and user-friendly based on LinkedIn’s dynamics. herself.

There was a time when LinkedIn was losing its hype, but with Covid and many people losing their jobs, demand is back. The platform uses this time and makes the necessary changes that it should have had for a long time. With the new Scheduling feature on the way and many more items in store, we can’t wait to see what LinkedIn’s new look will be.

However, although the app itself has not announced when the new interface will appear, we are sure that it will be used and appreciated by all.

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