Matter, the new connectivity platform for smart homes and offices, is set to be a big hit, with Samsung confirming via a blog post that its SmartThings platform, which has been heavily pushed by the South Korean company to l Berlin’s IFA at the beginning of the month is defined as part of the Matter ecosystem.

We were also able to confirm that Google and Samsung’s SmartThings platform will also talk to each other.

This will simplify the smart home ecosystem, allowing many new homes to ditch expensive control systems like Control 4.

The technology will also reduce the cost of home automation by making it possible to manage entertainment, air conditioning, appliances, security and lighting on the Matter platform, which allows multiple devices from different brands such as Apple products to be connected. , Samsung, Amazon and Brilliant. on the same network.

Samsung and Google have announced a partnership that will provide greater interoperability between the SmartThings and Google Home ecosystems.

Whether you’re using a Samsung Galaxy phone and tablet or a Google mobile device, you’ll be able to see which Matter devices are on your network. You can control an air purifier or dehumidifier or a host of audio speakers via voice command or app.

Whether it’s using SmartThings to integrate devices originally set up with Google Home or vice versa.

It’s essentially an extension of Matter’s multi-admin functionality that ensures that all Matter-enabled devices can be controlled by Matter-supporting platforms beyond the home manufacturer.

“When users access the SmartThings app, they will be notified of Matter devices that have been set up with Google Home and given the option to easily integrate those devices with SmartThings, and vice versa,” Samsung says in a blog post. post today.

“Now whether users want to control their smart home on their SmartThings app or on a Google Nest Hub, the devices will always be there. Users won’t have to manually add each of their devices one by one or worry about which ecosystem their device was first configured on. »

So whether you’re using the Google Home app or the Smart Things app, all of your Matter-enabled devices will be easily controllable. The Matter multi-admin feature will be available within weeks from the company, Samsung said.

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