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Yesterday, October 4, the world went into chaos with the longest-running Facebook app crash. At around 10:30 a.m., WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook stopped working and they weren’t back online until 5:30 p.m. The failures have occurred around the world and cost Mark Zuckerberg nearly $ 6 billion, who has issued a public apology for the problems caused.

Image: Mark Zuckerberg via Facebook

We have based our lives on social media so much that a fall like this can complicate our lives a lot, especially in these times when much of our work is done remotely.

So what applications should you have for prevention? Although WhatsApp is the most used, there are several instant messaging platforms that are not owned by Facebook that you can use in case it stops working.

Here we leave you a list:


It is the most similar to WhatsApp and also the most used as a substitute for the Facebook application. It has practically the same functions, plus some original ones. It is completely free and compatible with the same operating systems.


This application is from Microsoft and to use it you need an Outlook or Hotmail account. It has a chat through which you can share the same kind of media as you can on WhatsApp. Moreover, you can do meetings through the same app.

Google SMS

Another app through which you can share stickers, photos, links, and documents from your cell phone is Google Messages. Text messages work on cell phones and go through your phone number.

Google chat

This platform is different from the previous one. For Google Chat, you need a Google account to access it, but you can use any device to communicate and it can be done through the web, you don’t need to download an app.


This app is very easy to use and similar to instant messaging apps we already know. You can also forward your WhatsApp conversations to Signal so that you don’t lose the information.


When the networks went down yesterday, the first reaction of many was to migrate to Twitter to see what happened. Like Instagram, it has its private messages which you can use to talk with other network users.


It’s an email service that’s only available to Apple users, but it’s a good option if you can access it.

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