It’s often been said that whoever serves as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys is just a puppet for Jerry Jones’ ultimate wishes and orders. Whether you believe it or not is up to you.

When the Cowboys hired Mike McCarthy two years ago, it looked like they were headed in a tougher direction led by their coach. McCarthy brought a Super Bowl ring on his finger to town and seemed like someone who had the secret to doing what he wanted when it came to his team, but the results of the past two seasons haven’t exactly gotten him there. indicated.

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The relationship McCarthy has with Jerry is of course important given the role(s) Jerry has within the organization. As team owner, president and general manager, it’s Jerry’s way or the highway, which the Pro Football Hall of Famer reminded McCarthy with some public comments about this young offseason. These are comments that didn’t necessarily make McCarthy look good.

It seems McCarthy was listening and he’s not happy.

A timeline of how Jerry Jones created the mess that Mike McCarthy responded to on Tuesday

To understand what happened on Tuesday, we must first go back and make sure you remember the events of the past month.

On Friday, January 21 (the first Friday after the end of the season), Jerry Jones went on 105.3 The Fan and refused to fully commit to Mike McCarthy returning as head coach of the team. He had several opportunities to announce that McCarthy would be back and was deliberately shy. It’s completely on Jerry.

Emotions were strained after the Cowboys disappointed the playoffs (again) and perhaps Jerry was seriously considering a head coaching change two years into The McCarthy Project™️. Either way, he had every chance of supporting McCarthy and refused to do so.

This was Jerry’s last scheduled appearance on The Fan as the season was officially over for the team, but since he is Jerry Jones he decided to speak up again. Just a week later, Jerry made a surprise appearance at the Cowboys’ home after it was announced that Dan Quinn would return as the team’s defensive coordinator. In addition to celebrating Quinn’s return, Jerry explained that he was deliberately vague regarding McCarthy’s employment status in order to increase his team’s chances of retaining Quinn. Seriously.

It was an incredibly poor strategy at best and actually a very public indication that Jerry isn’t exactly in love with Mike McCarthy. Hanging your head coach is not a sign of conviction and Jerry Jones literally said on the radio that he did it in order to keep someone who could very well replace McCarthy if things go wrong in 2022. Anyone in McCarthy’s shoes would understandably be upset. .

Plus, beyond the Dan Quinn of it all, Sean Payton became a factor when he retired from coaching the New Orleans Saints under the impression that he would one day return to the game. training, maybe as early as 2023. Jerry kinda crushed any Payton ideas, but again offering any insinuation that he wasn’t head over heels in love with McCarthy, he brought a narrative to life according to which McCarthy is somewhat undesirable.

Mike McCarthy just did Jerry Jones the favor over the head coach’s controversial comments

Until Tuesday, all discussions here had been done by Jerry Jones (what a surprise!). Out of nowhere, Mike McCarthy made an appearance on The Rich Eisen Show and was pressed about this whole situation.

Surprisingly, McCarthy was pretty transparent. He talked about the narrative taking off and expressed some displeasure that the situation is what it is. He called it unusual. Welcome to the Dallas Cowboys.

It’s more than fair to criticize Mike McCarthy for the end of last season. His team fell flat after falling apart in the second half of the season. To make matters worse, he has a group that seeks to make excuses by things like officiating before showing any responsibility, a disposition he himself exemplifies when behind a microphone.

As true as that sounds, it’s more than understandable that he’s irritated by what Jerry Jones has been saying in the media. He’s the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, not Dan Quinn or Sean Payton, and using him as some sort of puppet in a larger game is illogical and cruel.

What’s the endgame for Jerry here? To start a fire under McCarthy? Sounds like a lot of credit to give someone who is notoriously known for stirring the pot. McCarthy’s comments to Eisen on Tuesday show there’s a somewhat toxic situation unfolding that won’t go away throughout the upcoming 2022 season. McCarthy is destined to look over his shoulder at every turn, either his team’s defensive coordinator, potential legend Sean Payton lurking in the distance. It’s only so because Jerry Jones created it.

Some will watch McCarthy’s comments and applaud him for cheering and putting his foot down. Maybe that’s what he does. I hope that is the case.

But if McCarthy runs things the same way and lets everyone else run all the operations and just be some sort of figurehead, then how upset is he really? If McCarthy is really upset, now is the time for him to cash in on his Super Bowl titles and remind everyone he did what they didn’t.

His very future may depend on it.