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Iowa-Based Startup Creates Niche With International Veterans Transition Support Program Webinar With Prominent Veteran Leaders From The United States And India

UNITED STATES, Oct. 22, 2022 / — October 21 saw a very inspiring program hosted by Iowa-based start-up Neuworldz, in its second season, featuring U.S. military veterans and from India gathered in a webinar sharing experience, advice, expertise on career transition to help other veterans deal with the transition from military to business seamlessly. The program was attended by leading speakers and professionals who served in the military in their respective countries, gathered on a platform sharing practical lessons and expertise to help veterans manage career transitions transparently.

One of the major challenges faced by veterans across nations is the transition from the military to the business, which represents a big shift in both mindset, culture and practices. . Most of the time, the support provided by federal institutions is always centered on the benefits and advantages covering the tangible aspects of the experience. As Shrabonee Paul, the founding CEO of Neuworldz says, “The biggest struggles are the intangibles that go into behavior, mindset and readiness to adapt to a new culture and new expectations” .

Neuworldz has slowly but steadily made a positive mark with the value they bring to society with their work. The startup has hosted learning webinars aimed at helping companies and industries network with pillars, create a platform for learning, and enable growth through collaborations. Neuworldz also hosted a unique interview program featuring industry stalwarts and well-known professionals who inspire the world through their work and humanitarian contributions to society, titled “Inspirations and Aspirations”, hosted by CEO founder Shrabonee Paul.

Shrabonee Paul, who is also a highly trained organizational psychologist and has worked extensively in the area of ​​organizational effectiveness for 17 years leading the change and development of people, processes and platforms for Fortune 100 companies, oversees that the support provided through these learning programs is useful to people. and the industry for which it is intended.

The first season of Neuworldz’s Veteran Advantage program was held in 2021 and saw the presence of several industry stalwarts and veterans from the United States and India, as well as top Amazon executives as speakers. The program has been very warmly welcomed and immensely appreciated by the veteran community across countries as well as companies who have seen tremendous value in sharing knowledge and best practices that aid in smooth career transitions. The webinar addresses common challenges, confusions, and adjustment difficulties that veterans often face when trying to showcase their skills on the resume, adapt to a new work culture, or manage business practices and expectations never encountered before.

In its second season, the program covered important best practices and knowledge sharing for veterans looking to transition into corporate employment or become an entrepreneur. The webinar was joined by prominent veteran leaders from India and the United States – Colonel Sudip Mukerjee and Captain Venkat, and Nathan Scheib. The webinar covered insights and contributions shared by veterans, hiring managers and prominent speakers who gave the entire industry the best insights into what gets you hired – what it what to do and what to avoid. The smooth flow of conversations and sharing of experiences by prominent speakers and senior veterans will certainly be invaluable for those seeking career transition across practices, nations or cultures.

Neuworldz aims to provide more valuable programs for different industries, allowing them to build a strong support network, promote their business recognitions and develop their growth by using the expertise of organizational development specialists who enable growth at the enterprise scale by aligning corporate branding and behavior with rich learning programs. such as this.

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