Leading global data and technology companies, Ookla and UmlauT, have named MTN as the best network in sub-Saharan Africa.

Using information from its data platform, “Speedtest”, which tests internet connection performance, Ookla, a US-based network company, measured four network providers, MTN, Airtel, Orange and Vodacom, which represent 62% of Internet subscriptions. in sub-Saharan Africa, to determine which network providers have the fastest internet speeds and which cities have the fastest internet connections.

MTN South Africa came in first with a median download speed of 65.95 Mbps, followed by Vodacom South Africa and Safaricom Kenya with median download speeds of 48.71 Mbps and 36.25 Mbps, respectively. According to the report, the median download speed of MTN Nigeria is 26.3 Mbps.

When the Internet download speeds of major African cities were calculated, MTN Cape Town and MTN Johannesburg ranked second and third, with speeds of over 60 Mbps in the two cities, respectively, while Vodacom Johannesburg took first. place with a speed of more than 81. Mbit/s.

MTN outperformed Orange in Ivory Coast and Vodacom in South Africa in both median upload and download speeds. While MTN had faster download speeds in the Democratic Republic of Congo, MTN surpassed Airtel in Rwanda in terms of median download speed.