Nine will launch its own cross-platform traffic brand, NTNaiming to provide the latest and most comprehensive traffic information.

NTN will launch live reports on Nine’s market-leading radio stations 2 GB, 3AW, 4BC and 6PRlive audio streaming and digital platforms in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

Nine Sales Manager Michael Stephenson says: “Our premium traffic network is a new cross-platform alternative to traditional traffic products.

“We’re number one in radio and number one in streaming – we’ve got serious cross-platform scale. NTN is a premium cross-platform product where brands can own massive scale traffic on Australia’s main radio network, live audio broadcasting, digital platforms and, to come, on TODAY.

“Our premium traffic network should definitely feature in every Total Audio media purchase.”

Nine also launched its addressable data targeting capability across all of its digital radio assets.

As part of accessing Nine’s 20 million logged-in users, advertisers can target logged-in users on Nine’s radio stations.

Nine’s data capabilities will include demo, location, 9Tribes and intent segments from data partners including flybuys and Equifax.

Sales manager – Total Audio, Ashley Earshaw, said, “The future of radio is Total Audio, the combination of live radio, live digital streaming and podcasts. Nine’s addressable solutions allow advertisers to tap into the massive breadth of our digital listening, with the refinement of more in-depth, people-based targeting to segments relevant to their brands.

“With more personalized and targeted advertising, we have a unique opportunity to drive efficiency and data-driven audio solutions for customers. At Nine, we continue to evolve and harness the power of people-based marketing through our audio solutions.