Tieghan Gerard is a food blogger, author, appeared on several lifestyle channels and has a huge following on social media.

American Red Gerard was the reigning Olympic gold medalist in men’s snowboard slopestyle on Sunday.

His sister is perhaps more famous.

Tieghan Gerard is the woman behind the food blog Half-Baked Harvest. And her love for cooking inspired a huge following.

Tieghan started the blog in 2012, she wrote on the website and said she had been featured on The Cooking Channel, HGTV, Food Network and other major outlets.

“My hope is to inspire others with a love of food, as well as the courage to try something new! Tieghan wrote. She said her love for cooking started by simply helping cook for her family of 10.

“I soon realized how much I loved it, and before I knew it, I had taken over cooking our meals full time,” she wrote.

Red is fully aware of his sister’s popularity.

“I’m the second in the family for being successful and so on,” Red said, noting that when he meets someone they often note he’s Tieghan’s brother.

While Red made history by becoming the youngest Olympic snowboarding champion at 17 at the 2018 Games in South Korea, Tieghan is the gold medalist in terms of social media following.

His Half-Baked Harvest Instagram account has 4 million followers. Red has 262,000. Tieghan is also clearly at the top of the Gerard family podium on Facebook (1.2 million to 28,000) and Twitter (23,000 to 15,000)

Gerard finished fourth in his bid to once again become an Olympic gold medalist in men’s snowboard slopestyle on Sunday.

Tieghan’s third cookbook “Half Baked Harvest Every Day” arrives this month.

What is Red de Tieghan’s favorite dish?

“My favorite thing is his buffalo cauliflower. I’m a bit of a big-winged guy,” Red said.