THE Philippines saw the biggest improvement between 5G and 4G download speeds and video experience in Asia-Pacific, as they saw 5G mobile technology download speeds nearly nine times faster than 4G, according to the March 2022 Benchmarking the 5G Experience – Asia Pacific* report by independent mobile analytics company Opensignal.

It also saw the greatest improvement in video experience, with Filipino users enjoying a 33% better video experience on 5G than on 4G. The Philippines had an average 5G download speed of 136.6 Mbps during the data collection period from November 1, 2021 to January 29, 2022.

The Philippines 5G download speed improvement ratio compared to 4G at 8.9 was faster than Thailand (7.5), Taiwan (7.2), South Korea (6.3) , New Zealand (6), Hong Kong (5.1), Australia (4.6) and Indonesia. (4.5), Singapore (4) and Japan (3.4).

In terms of 5G video experience improvement over 4G, the Philippines 33% was better than Indonesia (29%), Thailand (23%), Hong Kong (18%), Taiwan (14 %), New Zealand (13%), Australia (12%), Singapore (9%), South Korea (7%) and Japan (6%).

The Philippines also scored an average of 77.1 out of 100 for 5G video experience, 63.7 for 5G gaming experience, and 77.5 for 5G voice application experience.

In its latest Asia-Pacific 5G benchmarking report, Opensignal said 5G continues to mature as a technology as carriers expand the scope of their 5G services. This is achieved by extending geographic reach, deploying 5G on new bands of spectrum that improve speed and capacity, or increasing signal propagation within buildings and rural reach through lower frequency bands for 5G.

Although 5G availability and range in the Philippines is lower than most of its neighbours, Opensignal still considers it impressive given the country’s harsh landscape. The Philippines averaged 11.1% 5G availability and 3.7 out of 10 for 5G range.

Operators around the world are expanding their 5G services due to the benefits of this latest technology in serving users.

Locally, Globe also continues to improve and expand its network. This year, the company has earmarked 89 billion pesos for capital spending to accelerate 5G rollout, build new cell sites, upgrade existing sites to 4G/LTE, and accelerate fiber to Filipino homes across the country. national scale.

“We intend to meet the growing demand for faster connectivity, lower latency and higher bandwidth that 5G technology can provide. 5G has the potential to transform lives and create new investment opportunities. We want to be ready when this change happens,” said Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu.

In 2021, Globe spent a record 92.8 billion pesos to prepare its network for the post-pandemic era. Globe launched more than 2,000 outdoor 5G sites and in-building solutions, in addition to building 1,407 new cell sites and installing 1.4 million fibre-to-the-home lines.

Globe supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), in particular UN SDG 9, highlighting the role of infrastructure and innovation as key drivers of economic growth and development. It is committed to respecting the principles of the United Nations Global Compact and to contributing to the 10 United Nations SDGs.

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