Queensland recorded 5,178 new Covid infections and 12 more deaths in the last reporting period.

There are currently 663 people in hospital with the virus, 42 people in intensive care and 22 people on ventilators.

Among the latest Covid deaths, ages ranged from 30 to 90 and nine were from aged care facilities.

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Three of the people were not vaccinated and none of the latest victims had received their boosters.

According to Chief Medical Officer Dr John Gerrard, the person in his 30s was considered an “unusual case”.

“It is unclear to what extent Covid played a role in this person’s death, but it could have played a role, so we are including this case for the sake of transparency,” he said.

Dr Gerrard said the person in their 30s also had a blood clot, but did not confirm whether the clot was linked to the infection.

“Blood clots can happen to anyone and there are various risk factors for blood clots,” he said.

“This particular individual had COVID-19 and a blood clot…whether COVID-19 was the cause of the blood clot or contributed to the blood clot, that’s where it gets tricky and that’s why we have included this case in the data.”

After students returned to classrooms, health officials announced they would now reveal Covid case numbers in children.

According to Dr Gerrard, 313 children had tested positive for the virus during the last reporting period.

These children are between 5 and 17 years old.

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