Local business owners of Quest Apartment Hotels will take center stage as the global serviced apartment operator unveils its new branded platform to market with a multi-million dollar omnichannel campaign.

Named ‘As Local As You Like It’ and catering to consumers’ appetites for authentic local experiences, Quest will invite customers to check in and experience the heart of the local scene, with their key unlocking a wealth of knowledge local, through the network of owners who live and work in the communities they operate.

The brand new platform arrives ahead of an expected increase in domestic travel, as the hard-hit hospitality industry welcomes a return to more standardized operations.

“The past 19 months have had a tremendous personal impact on individual business owners and their dedicated service staff in the Quest network, and I am continually amazed at the resilience that has been demonstrated to date.

“Despite the current challenges, our goal is to keep businesses effortless. Our new brand platform, which aims to build a stronger emotional connection with consumers, is critical to its realization, ”said David Mansfield, Managing Director of Ascott Australia (Quest Apartment Hotels).

Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Baars said the new brand platform is the result of more than 12 months of work involving an in-depth study of the health of the brand and the market, which revealed white space within of the sector in accordance with the changing desires of consumers.

“What we know from our research is that guests appreciate the effortless customer experience and consistency that big box hotel brands typically offer, but appreciate the charisma and charm of the boutiques and independent operations where they are. feel like they can authentically connect with the local soul. With that idea, we could see the opportunity within our grasp and the direction we should take to cultivate a stronger brand preference. “

“As part of the new campaign, we will put our guests in touch with the ‘would never have known’; the esoteric gems of every destination, if you just know where to look.

“Our local business owners with skin in the game are our greatest asset. The new platform aims to highlight and build on the personalized, customer-centric approach we’ve always had, and make it the focal point of the brand.

While the Quest logo will remain, the new platform developed by The Core Agency will see Quest refresh its brand identity and make several improvements to the customer experience based on changing customer expectations.

Christian Finucane, Founder and Creative Partner of The Core Agency, said: “Quest Apartment hotels are halfway between a self-catering accommodation rental and a hotel, so we needed a basic idea that meets that. “As Local As You Like It” beautifully reflects all the brand has to offer, with the ability to cover the individual personality of each apartment – while also showing the variety available to guests when choosing a Quest.

The brand platform will be marketed with a campaign developed by The Core Agency, which includes a TV commercial shot on the Gold Coast by production house “The Producers”. Filming was managed remotely from Melbourne and Sydney throughout the lockdown.

“Our new TV commercial aims to portray the diversity of Guest Quest. Although our target audience has always been the business traveler, this personality is not as linear as it once was, or at least was seen and described as such, ”said Jeff Baars.

“We have sought to capture the variety and vibrancy of modern business travelers in the creative response, inviting them to connect with each location as much or as little as they like, recognizing that each guest is different. “

The full-service global media agency, Initiative, which received the Quest down payment in July 2021, designed the campaign’s media launch strategy to market from October 24.

The campaign will run on free metro and regional television, subscription and catch-up, outdoor, catch-up TV, TrueView, paid social media, print, digital signage and through content partnerships.

Sarah James, chief executive of Initiative Melbourne, said the timing of the new Quest campaign couldn’t be better as Australia’s two most populous states emerge from lockdown. “We have worked closely with the Quest marketing team for a holistic understanding of our customers,” said James. “When the campaign ends, we will also continuously analyze customer behavior and change media usage as we strive to keep Quest’s messages in front of business people and vacationers. “

To support the evolution of the customer experience, Quest’s local know-how will also be shared on a new microsite where the owner of the local business will once again be at the forefront, so customers will only be a few clicks to discover the tried and trusted gems of the neighborhood.

“The microsite is a great way for us to connect with guests before their stay and cultivate a sense of excitement for what’s possible, while also helping other local businesses by showcasing their offerings.”

“Anyone with a passion for travel will agree that it’s the local insider tips that usually leave the biggest impression, and ‘As Local As You Like It’ is Quest’s platform to deliver exactly that to our end consumer. “

Earlier this year, Singaporean company The Ascott Limited (Ascott) completed the acquisition of the Quest Apartment Hotels franchise. Ascott is the largest international owner and operator of assisted living facilities in the world.

Click here to view the As Local As You Like It TV commercial.

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