Everything about the Dallas Cowboys and their outlook for this season changed late Sunday night when it was announced quarterback Dak Prescott was set to miss some time with a fractured thumb. How long Dak is missing is the biggest question surrounding the team. Most opinions from medical professionals seem to believe it will be between 6 and 8 weeks, but Jerry Jones noted this week that Prescott’s thumb surgery went well and it’s not impossible for him to come back in about a month.

The next few weeks will likely include plenty of reports on Prescott’s progress, and the party has already begun along those lines. Thursday evening, NFL NetworkIan Rapoport has said it’s possible Dak could return when the Cowboys visit the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 6.

Rapoport notes that it is his understanding that there is an “outside chance” that Prescott could return for the Week 6 game against the Eagles (which takes place Sunday night football by the way), “maybe week 7” and “potentially” by week 8.

He notes there was a lot of optimism from the Cowboys following Dak’s surgery, but while he understands there is an “outside chance” for Dak to return in Week 6, the Jerry’s note about how it could take four weeks continues to feel less. likely.

It would be a happy time for Dak to return to a Cowboys team on the road in Philadelphia. What happens next between the two favorite NFC East teams will also play a big part in the drama.

  • Cowboys (0-1): Bengals at Giants, Commanders at Rams
  • Eagles (1-0): Vikings, at Commanders, Jaguars, at Cardinals

On paper, the Cowboys face a tougher four-game streak than the Eagles as they face the two teams that contested the Super Bowl last year and two divisional matchups sandwiched between the two. The Eagles also have to play Washington and the Vikings look good, but other than that they get the lowly Jaguars (who Dallas will see later this season) and a Cardinals team that’s pretty questionable.

Hopefully Dak can return as soon as possible, but the most important thing is that he is ready for his return, whenever.