As hospitalization rates continue to fluctuate between different states, the effects of the lockdown continue to show.

Researchers across the country are tracking the ongoing effects of lockdowns on young children.

The effects on mental health are widely known, but more and more information relating to muscle growth, eyesight and overall development is being observed.

Principal researcher at Western Sydney University, Hannah Dahlen says a study of babies born during lockdown months formulates a pattern.

“We look at things like fine motor skills, more gross motor skills, how a baby communicates, interacts with how easily they settle, how they pick things up with their fingers, for example, their temperament,” Professor Dahlen said.

Early reports show that infants born in closed areas (like NSW, Victoria) have been progressively delayed in reaching their developmental milestones.

“At the moment, it looks like the prolonged stress is having some impact.”

As it stands, Covid cases across Australia look like this:


  • New cases: 5,852
  • Covid-related deaths: 3
  • Admissions to hospital and intensive care: 283 / 42

New South Wales

  • New cases: 5,856
  • Covid-related deaths: 6
  • Admissions to hospital and intensive care: 1,136 / 55


  • New cases: 734
  • Covid-related deaths: 0
  • Admissions to hospital and intensive care: 11 / 2

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