Rocket league offers players several ways to level up, most of which relate to earning XP. Unfortunately, sometimes the game encounters an error that seems to result in a lack of XP. When this happens, the software may indicate that it was unable to download the XP data. This error is much more common than you might think, and unfortunately resolving it probably involves more than just solutions for the end user.

Rocket League: Unable to download XP data error

Rocket League will say that it is unable to download XP data if there is a network connectivity issue. The game cannot download your XP data if it cannot connect to the servers. Most often, this error appears during times of server instability or failure.

That’s right, this is another issue related to network connection issues. And to make matters worse, this error is not exclusive to outright server crashes. Even local area network connections can lead to a problem where your data cannot be downloaded properly.

True, there is a silver lining. As long as the problem does not involve your home network, you do not have to do anything to correct this error. The team behind Rocket League will need to tackle anything that causes connection issues. If you think your own network is to blame, we can help you troubleshoot connection issues.

Assuming this error pops up out of the blue, it’s worth stopping by on the Rocket League page on DownDetector. If the page has a flood of new user reports, there’s a good chance something great is going on with the servers. And this is most likely the reason why your game says it can’t download XP data. Such issues can also lead to a duplicate login detected error or other authentication issues.

In other words, Rocket League will not be able to download XP data when the servers are offline or malfunctioning. Unfortunately, this happens a lot, which makes it one of the most persistent errors in the game. Fortunately, in most cases you don’t miss out on any XP – the game will download your progress data once it can restore stable connection to servers.

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