WATERLOO, ON., September 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Japan’s culture of innovation has for decades made it one of the most advanced and profitable telecommunications markets in the world. After the 2021 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics are over, Japanese service providers strive to capitalize on advances in 5G, cloud and advanced computing to develop the best mobile services and applications. Great experiences are at the center of the transition to digital living and remote working, with apps at the heart of social services, video streaming, and smart 5G and cloud services.

Sandvine’s portfolio of applications and network intelligence helps Japanese service providers grow 5G and digital services

With over a decade of success in Japan, Sandvine’s portfolio of applications and network intelligence continues to help the country’s four major service providers ensure that applications work as they should, while protecting them against fraud and security breaches. Use case implementations cover analytics, network optimization, revenue generation, revenue assurance, and regulatory compliance, covering the following key solution areas:

– Active Network Intelligence (ANI)

– 5G solutions

– Kernel, Cloud and Edge

– Mobile Application and Network Intelligence

– Fixed networks for remote working, gaming and entertainment

– PacketLogic

– Income generation

Lyn cantor, CEO, Sandvine: “With the emerging digital service models around e-commerce, finance, energy, smart manufacturing and healthcare, there are billions of dollars in opportunities for Japanese service providers. We are delighted to work with current and potential customers to improve the quality of experience applications and the variety of smart services available to Japanese businesses and consumers. “

John Abraham, Senior Analyst, Analysys Mason said: “Japan is unique in the telecommunications world, with high mobile penetration, mature digital offerings and a growing appetite for digital lifestyle services. Customers want innovative services and demand will grow exponentially with 5G use cases for enhanced mobile broadband, massive IoT, and augmented / virtual reality – all of which require constant vigilance to understand when and where speed, capacity and latency can become issues and to act proactively before they affect the quality of the application experience. “

Understanding customer perceptions of the applications they value most will help Japanese service providers improve their networks and services, accelerate digital lifestyle service revenue growth, and prepare for the expansion of digital ecosystems in which they can offer a range of services, packages, promotions and payment options.

To learn more about Sandvine’s portfolio of applications and network intelligence and solutions that help Japanese service providers analyze, optimize and monetize applications, schedule a demo and download our eBook “Active Network Intelligence Use Cases for Network Operators “.


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Sandvine’s cloud-based portfolio of applications and network intelligence helps customers analyze, optimize and monetize application experiences using machine learning-based contextual insights and time-based actions. real. The market-leading classification of over 95% of mobile and fixed network traffic by user, app, device and location dramatically improves interactions between users and apps. For more information on delivering a superior quality of experience with uniquely rich real-time data that can drive performance and revenue, visit http://www.sandvine.com or follow Sandvine on Twitter @Sandvine.

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