SAUGERTIES, NY – The Saugerties Police Department is the first in Ulster County to join the CRIMEWATCH network (crimewatch.net), and Police Chief Joseph Sinagra is hoping it will provide residents who use social media and mobile devices make easier and more efficient ways to work collaboratively with local law enforcement.

Access to the website and app for residents, which cost the city $ 2,500 in funds that were reallocated from other areas of the police department’s budget to cover website design and licensing, is an “inexpensive way for us to improve” service, Sinagra said.

“It’s a way for community members to file non-urgent complaints with the police department,” Sinagra said. Since the free cell phone app was introduced on the department’s Facebook page, he said the department had received “a number of complaints about speeding in the city in some areas,” as well as requests traffic lights at all four corners of National Road 212. and Glasco Turnpike in West Saugerties.

“It forces the public to work more with the police service to address quality of life issues and to deal with petty and petty crimes,” he said. With CRIMEWATCH, Sinagra said, “The community is involved with the police in solving crime problems and that’s what I really like about it. “

The department’s website was developed in partnership with CRIMEWATCH Technologies. It gives participants direct access to arrest reports and alerts as they are released.

Once on board, attendees can submit advice to police, view arrest reports and “most wanted” lists and report non-emergency incidents such as mailbox vandalism, according to Sinagra. Reports that do not require an immediate police response will be monitored 24/7 by three members of the department, he said.

“Suppose you wake up in the morning and realize your mailbox was vandalized the night before,” Sinagra said. “Now you don’t have to go to the police station and file a report. You can just email CRIMEWATCH and we’ll have an agent contact you and get more information if we need it. ‘

Residents with home video surveillance systems can also register them with the on-site service. “Basically what you’re telling us is, ‘Hey, I have a video system, if you ever need it, I have the video footage. Here is how to reach us.

He said police will not have 24-hour access to anyone’s private surveillance system without their consent.

To register, Saugerties residents can visit http://Saugertiesny.gov to log into the police department’s social media sites or download the CRIMEWATCH Mobile from the Apple or Android app stores.