New App to Provide Aspiring Filmmakers and Artists with Access to Mentorship, Creative Opportunities and Other Valuable Resources

SEATTLE, Washington., May 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Courtney LeMarco, executive producer and showrunner of A&E’s Emmy-nominated unscripted series Accuserstoday announced the launch of The LeMarco network, an inclusive professional community and app that offers aspiring filmmakers and artists access to mentorship, creative opportunities, and other valuable resources. The app is now available for free download on iOS and Android.

The LeMarco Network app offers members access to exclusive live Q&As with LeMarco and his executive team, the ability to showcase TV and film concepts via Presentation sessions, and masterclasses on financing, production, licensing and more. One-on-one coaching, networking, and paid employment opportunities that have been vetted in advance are also available through the app. The A-lista private group managed directly by LeMarco and its management team, to $19.99/month.

“As a black showrunner and executive producer, I know firsthand how crucial mentorship and representation in the entertainment industry can be – it can make or break your career,” said LeMarco, CEO of LeMarco Brands. . “The LeMarco Network is a community meant to open doors, especially for BIPOC talent in entertainment. Through this community, I hope to empower aspiring filmmakers and artists by providing them with the right advice, the right perspective and, above all, tangible opportunities to pursue their ambition.”

To ensure a positive and credible community experience, all members of the LeMarco Network must undergo a verification process to verify their identity. Identity verification is required to participate in Presentation sessions – an opportunity for budding filmmakers to pitch their film or television concept to LeMarco and his team. The winning pitches will have the opportunity to develop their project with LeMarco and its production team.

A California A native, LeMarco has over 25 years of experience in business development and management, having built several successful businesses throughout his career. In addition to his work on AccusersLeMarco has also created an empire that spans multiple industries, including entertainment, restaurants, athletics, banking, and real estate.

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