Elon Musk and his Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX) have set the bar high for everything they do. This is also true for satellite internet service, namely Starlink. Today, we learn that the latter has again reached an exceptional download speed in the United States.

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As you know, Starlink is an internet constellation of small satellites in low Earth orbit. It aims to provide internet access to everyone, regardless of the region in which they live. Before that, various speed test results showed that Starlink outperforms broadband download speeds in most countries. As for the latest test results, it reaches 301 Mbps in download. Thus, we are talking about one of the fastest Internet services in the world. However, there is still room for improvement and this mainly refers to latency. Also, the download speed still needs to be improved.

Earlier today, a Reddit user shared the internet speed test result. The screenshot posted by DullKn1fe shows that Starlink can achieve a blistering download speed of 301 Mbps. From the reviews, we can learn that the user lives in rural Wisconsin, located in the northeast segment of the continental United States.

Unfortunately, as mentioned above, the download speed and latency aren’t impressive. For example, the user can get a download speed of 20.5 Mbps and a latency of 78 milliseconds (ms).

Is this Starlink download speed high?

What is more important is not a stable network speed. We mean, in March, we learned that Starlink’s internet speed was fluctuating. For example, in the mentioned month, the highest download speed was 299 Mbps (Grass Valley California). Whereas, there were also disappointing results, 1.23 Mbps.

Research by Ookla in the fourth quarter of last year showed that Starlink has an average US download speed of 105 Mbps. Meanwhile, Ookla pointed out that the fastest average download speed was detected in Miami Date County, Florida. The average internet service download speed is 191 Mbps in this area. The slowest was in Columbia County, Oregon, reaching 64.95 Mbps.

However, the quarter-over-quarter comparison shows that the range between highest and lowest download speeds increased by 30 Mbps or 30% from 100 Mbps in Q3. But the average download speed was only improved by 10%.

PS a German Starlink user said he can reach 250 Mbps in download speed. At the same time, the download speed was 30 Mbps. It might sound quite interesting, but in May another user from Germany reported that he could achieve a shocking download speed of 560 Mbps.