Riyadh: A recent report examining the experience of 5G in Saudi Arabia revealed that the Kingdom is now one of the most advanced countries in the field of telecommunications and information technology. Read the full report here.

The report, published in March 2022 by OpenSignal, analyzed the performance of 5G network services provided by the largest mobile service providers in the Kingdom, namely STC, Mobily and Zain.

OpenSignal, a global analytics company specializing in quantifying the mobile network experience, analyzed the performance of the three telecom giants based on the following factors: overall experience, 5G experience, coverage and consistency.

According to the report, STC’s 5G experience was superior in terms of video and games, audio applications, upload and download speed. The company received the 5G Video Experience Award, scoring 70.9 points out of 100, while Mobily came second with 67.9 points and Zain third with 64.1 points.

In terms of the best experience for mobile multiplayer games when connected to the 5G network, STC again came in first – with 64.2 points. Meanwhile, Mobily came second with 59.6 points and Zain third with 39.1 points.

In the audio applications category, Mobily came in first place with 79 points, closely followed by STC with 78.7 points, while Zain ranked third with 72.4 points.

In terms of download speed, STC came in first with a download speed of 261.5MB, while Mobily ranked second with a speed of 192.3MB and Zain was third with a download speed of 183.1 MB.

In terms of 5G network availability, STC received the 5G Availability Award, scoring 30.1%, while Mobily and Zain received 22.8% and 24.1% respectively.

When it comes to 5G network access, Mobily and STC scored 4.8 and 4.5 points respectively on a 10-point scale, while Zain scored 4.1 points.

In terms of 5G network consistency, OpenSignal’s report found that Mobily outperformed the others, receiving the consistent quality award with 63.5%, 1.8% more than STC, which came in second. up with 61.7%. Zain came third with 40.2%.

Mobily also won the Consistent Visual Quality award with 81.4%, while STC came second with 80% and Zain came third with 72.5%.

5G mobile network technology was launched in the Kingdom in 2019. It is a wireless technology that transmits data over the air from cell towers to phones and other devices, at much higher speeds than we can. had before.

OpenSignal is one of the world’s leading independent companies with a reputation for mobile network analysis and assessment, and its reports are of great interest to telecommunications industries worldwide.


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