FindBob founder and CEO Roland Chan told WP that the deal represents the biggest deal for his company in financial services. And he said moving from humble beginnings to partnering with “one of the world’s largest financial institutions” is a significant achievement.

He said, “We couldn’t be happier – and the relationship [with Raymond James] could not have been better. We work with a succession and acquisition team, and these people are as passionate, if not more so, about helping achieve growth and transition goals for the distribution network. They needed a way to evolve, and that’s what we’re proposing.

The practice exchange platform focuses on three key areas to help advisors. First, access to a market fueled by matchmaking algorithms; second, educational resources and planning tools; and, third, an online trading room that allows advisors to take control of the succession process, ensuring confidentiality and a selection of potential buyers.

Features also include assessment tools as well as catastrophic planning agreements to help advisors protect their business, staff, and loved ones. Chan said the boardroom is a particularly exciting aspect of the platform, providing a “powerful space” for advisers who wish to seek potential candidates within the Raymond James network.

“It reflects the way I think M&A deals are actually done – and that’s in a private and confidential manner,” he added. “But unlike a public trade listing service, advisers looking to sell or find a successor retain full control and confidentiality over who, how and when they approach their buying goals. We also provide them with a truly secure space to review agreements, perform due diligence, and meet future partners. “

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