Whether you organize and campaign around platform work or want to learn more about it, join this year’s ITF Summer School for Young Workers on Platforms and Last Mile Delivery.

When: July 18-21, 2022

Or: Sheffield, Great Britain

What’s new :

The 4-day program will focus on:

  • Strengthening young transport workers’ knowledge of the platform economy and the ITF’s work on it in support of Congress Resolution 20 (Protecting the rights of young workers);
  • Learn and share organizing strategies and practices, campaigning skills and networking;
  • Understand global issues related to technology and new forms of work in e-commerce and supply chains;
  • Develop campaigns and organize ideas and materials for platform economy activists;
  • Support the further development of the ITF’s work in the platform economy.

Estimated schedule:

  • Day 1 – why the platform economy is a problem for young workers and what the ITF is doing around the platform economy
  • Day 2 – organization of platform workers
  • Day 3 – campaigning on the platform economy
  • Day 4 – the platform economy and the work of the ITF road transport section

Tongue: this event will be held in English only

Who can participate in the summer school?

Young trade unionists and activists, aged 35 and under, active in platform work or interested in learning more about platform work.

Young women trade unionists and activists are particularly encouraged to apply for a place at the summer school.

A selection process will take place to ensure that the above criteria and gender balance are met.

Applicants must obtain permission from their union to apply.

Apply for Summer School 2022

Deadline to apply: applications will be closed Friday May 27.

Once the registration deadline has passed, you will receive an email to confirm if you have been selected to participate in the summer school.