Technology helps make dairy products more sustainable

Tim Hammerich

This is Tim Hammerich from the Ag Information Network with your Farm of the Future report.

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers, the National Dairy Producers Federation and Dairy Farmers of America released a report on modern technology in the dairy industry. The new technology has had a positive impact on consumers, dairy farmers and cows over the past 15 years. Chad Huyser, president of Lely North America, says dairy farmers are starting to adapt to new technologies because they have many benefits.

Huyser… “We think the core of this unlocking or this focus on sustainability is really giving them all the tools and the data from these tools to help them really understand what’s going on in their operation. How they handle water. What are the nutrient demands in these fields? If you are planning to produce an acre of forage, we want to help them manage that in terms of how much can we harvest on that property? How can we get the most out of that feed ration, so that the animal is as efficient as possible in using whatever pound of raw material it is? We’re starting to have so much information about behavior and how the animal produces and functions, and how we can positively impact that. This is an important part of sustainability, if we look at how we will continue to produce and harvest fluid milk in the future. »

The report was released at this year’s World Dairy Expo in Wisconsin. To download and view the full study, visit