More and more users are migrating to TextNow due to ongoing WhatsApp issues, which have led to an explosion in the app’s popularity over the past few years.

What is TextNow?

WhatsApp, Signal and Skype are not the same as TextNow. However, the two programs share some commonalities. In a sense, TextNow is a full-fledged phone service that is limited to an app. Wi-Fi calls and texts are free, so if you’re at home or on Wi-Fi, you don’t have to worry about running up a bill.

Some of the features of TextNow are as follows.

  • Sign up for a FREE phone number in any area code for US locations.
  • Add several lines of burners, without a contract and without having to change your SIM card.
  • Enjoy unlimited calls and texts.
  • Enjoy free calls and texts over WiFi or cellular data, a similar feature is available on Whatsapp.
  • Your friends don’t need to have the TextNow app to receive your calls.
  • A temporary no to protect your privacy.
  • Stay connected when your phone is out of service.
  • Choose custom numbers that may not be available from AT&T or Verizon.
  • Global phone service is not available other than app-to-app chat.

Free phone calls are always good – but what’s the deal?

In reality, there is none. TextNowFree Wi-Fi Calling and Texting software is completely ad-free. Using this method requires a new phone number, which is provided when downloading the software. Are we out of the race? Not at all. I mean, you get free phone calls after all.

Additionally, the TextNow app is only available in the United States and Canada. To make free phone calls to other countries, you will need to use an app that works in your region. However, you will be able to make and receive unlimited phone calls and text messages, so all you have to do is share your phone number with your loved ones so they can contact you anytime.

Isn’t it? Also, what does TextNow offer? There are actually quite a few here. There is a wide range of customization options, including ringtones for each contact, call forwarding, voicemail and voicemail transcriptions, plus full support for Gifs, Emojis and stickers. You can even set up a custom ringtone for each contact.

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How is TextNow free?

Because it’s ad-supported, TextNow is free. This means that the program contains advertisements. Millions of people can clearly handle this, so if you can too, you can go for it. If you can’t, there are a number of premium plans available from TextNow, including data plans.

Does TextNow work on my PC?

If you have a laptop or desktop computer, you can send, receive, and manage all your text messages with TextNow’s PC/Mac web client, much like WhatsApp and Signal. You won’t have to worry about losing text messages because everything is automatically synced. Like on iMessage,


you can also send a message from a computer and then retrieve it on your phone. To stay in touch with family and friends even when school is closed or they are away, TextNow offers video calls. TextNow’s video call service is completely free, as are its texting and calling.

Why can I use TextNow?

If you already have a cell phone, you can save money by downloading and using the TextNow app. TextNow lets you make free WiFi calls, so whether you’re at home or in the office, you won’t have to worry about using up your calling minutes. In the same way,

If you have an old phone lying around and you work from home, you can use the TextNow service to separate your work and personal life. Therefore, the only type of phone call you will receive with TextNow is business in nature. Free business calls are also available.


Repurposing an existing cell phone, as long as it’s running Android or iOS, is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to use a cell phone for “home calls” if you don’t want to. landline in your home. Since you already own the phone and TextNow is free, it costs you nothing.

Is TextNow safe for children?

As long as the child’s phone is under constant supervision, a service like TextNow would be great. Older phones can replace a smartphone for teenagers if you don’t feel comfortable with the idea of ​​them owning one. They could make and receive free phone calls and text messages, but their internet usage would be severely limited.

TextNow, on the other hand, is not designed for use by children. Students should not use this app without adult supervision as it is included in the SmartSocial red zone. Predators would use TextNow to target children, so it’s important to keep young children away from electronic devices like cell phones.

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Where to download TextNow


Downloading TextNow from Apple App Store or Google Play is free if you want to try. Setting up a free phone number with TextNow is easy once you download the app. You will be able to make free calls in no time if you follow the instructions carefully. It won’t work until you’re connected to your home WiFi network

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