Where to start ? The Dallas Cowboys have put so much on the stat sheet against the Washington Football Team that you can look at almost any number and find something to praise. And a little closer examination reveals some interesting things worth noting. This is going to be long, so let’s go.

Dack is back

It was an impressive match for Dak Prescott. 28 completions on 39 attempts for 330 yards, four touchdowns and no interceptions. You take it any day.

And he did it all in less than three quarters of a game before pulling away while Cooper Rush got a chance to see some action. Before halftime, Prescott was tearing up the pitch.

I guess when you take a 42-7 lead in the second half, it’s normal to slack off the foot a bit.

Long Sunday trips

Among the many concerns over the past month of games was the Cowboys not maintaining practice and having to rely on good field position through turnovers to get into scoring position. Well, that was another side of things that changed a lot.

Dallas’ offense scored six touchdowns in all and went for 71, 74, 75, 80, 89 and 79 yards to do so. It’s almost unheard of. Even Rush had the last long score, thanks to Malik Turner’s incredible catch-and-run to set the game’s final score.

House in red zone

Failures to score inside 20 have also been a source of angst recently. The Cowboys were a perfect six-for-six at home. One more reason to keep fighting for the best possible playoff seeding.

The recipients introduced themselves

A quarterback can’t amass those big numbers of passes without the players catching the ball. Dropped passes and course errors were a glaring problem in the first three games of December, and beyond. These are mostly gone, and the receiving corps had splashing numbers.

Amari Cooper had expressed his displeasure at not being used enough. He would lead all receivers in the game with seven receptions on eleven targets for 85 yards and a touchdown. Dalton Schultz was impressive again, hooking eight balls on just nine targets for 82 yards and his own TD. CeeDee Lamb only had four catches for 66 yards, but he had some of the most impressive as he held the ball despite a few hard hits. He’s also topped 1,000 yards this season. Michael Gallup had just two catches, but made one for an impressive 40-yard gain on a scrambling drill that showed off both his deep threat ability and Prescott’s throwing accuracy on the run.

Malik Turner added a touchdown and another catch to his 61-yard scamper, finishing with 82 yards on just three targets throughout the game.

And probably no one will remember the game more fondly than Terence Steele. He just got a tackle-eligible yard on the play but found himself sending the ball into the stands after scoring the touchdown. Elliott would find the ball and return it to him so he could go in his personal trophy case, a very nice gesture from a great teammate.

At the start of the season, we saw what these weapons can do. They’re back, and maybe better than ever.

Speaking of hits…

We’ll be taking to Twitter for these factoids.

And a story in three parts.

Here is the full list of Cowboys who have scored touchdowns this season.

And just while we’re at it:

End the suspense early

Let’s focus a bit on defense. Trevon Diggs entered the game needing an interception to tie the franchise record for a season. It took exactly one game of Washington’s offense to achieve this.

People, Diggs not only leads the league with a margin of four picks, but he has more interceptions than twelve. teams. And for me, it was the game of the game. After having to throw on the first possession of the game, the Cowboys had a huge spark from this game, where Diggs ran the road better than Terry McLaurin. From then on, the floodgates were open and the spikes were pouring out.

For some reason, Diggs isn’t considered by some to be a good general cornerback, let alone one of the absolute best. But consider what he did to cover McLaurin, the WFT’s best.

Face it. It is good. So good it belongs in the DPOY conversation. But one of his biggest challengers for that lines up right in front of him on the Dallas defense.

Super Rookie Keeps Roaring

Micah Parsons is a force of nature. He added another sack to his season total and continues to climb in thin air.

And there are still two games to play…

Give this man some respect

Surprisingly, there are still those complaining about the Cowboys paying DeMarcus Lawrence.

He would also get credit for a bag. But his contributions to defense go way beyond volume stats. He is a player that teams must account for or pay the price for. And if you stop him, Parsons, Randy Gregory and the rest of the pass rush will get you. This man is a huge asset.

Speaking of Gregory, he had a relatively quiet night in the stats, with just one tackle and one QB hit. But he also had one of the best moments of the game.

Taylor Heinicke is probably glad they can stop dating like this – for at least this year.

A very solid start for Bossman Fat

All season we’ve been waiting for second-round pick Kelvin Joseph to get some serious playing time. Due to Jourdan Lewis being in COVID protocol, he eventually did. And it was impressive.

He also had three tackles in the game. And those 57 snaps were the most of any defender on the team. The hope before his injury was that he would give the Cowboys a great secondary. This hope could materialize at the right time.

A Few Other Instant Counting Nuggets

It was a great play to protect some of the starters. In fact, all of the offensive players got a chance to rest a bit in the fourth quarter – with one notable exception. Connor Williams was the only player on the field for 100% of offensive plays. It’s quite a testament to his value to the team after he was benched for Connor McGovern. The staff belatedly realized their mistake and corrected it, and all Williams did was solidify the line. Once Tyron Smith returns, which Stephen Jones says will be against the Arizona Cardinals this Sunday, things should just get better.

One lineman who rested was center Tyler Biadasz. Already in pre-season there were concerns over who would support him, with some unsuccessful experiments in training and pre-season games. Now it looks like Matt Farnniok has claimed that role, replacing Biadasz late in the game.

As noted by NBC’s announcement team, the Cowboys faced eight different defensive linemen, not counting plays where Micah Parsons’ mission was to rush the passer. This depth could be vital. Not only does this provide them with some insurance against injury and illness, but it keeps them fresh as the offensive line in front of them wears down. One player who benefits is Tarell Basham, who finished the night with a half sack, three tackles and a QB hit.

Across the roster, the Cowboys receive contributions from players who aren’t always in the limelight. Some, like Turner, could work their way to a new deal with the Cowboys. Or, good for them at least, earning a good job somewhere else in the future.

Either way, it’s the busiest roster the Cowboys have seen in decades. A knowledgeable coaching staff sets them up to thrive. It all came together against the football team and their fancy benches. Keep pushing things forward and we’ll be enjoying this team well into the new year.