Opensignal, the global standard for measuring the user experience of mobile networks, has released the 5G Global Mobile Network Experience Awards report, which positions TIM first in Europe for download speed of 5G mobile networks.

The report also places TIM in the world’s top 30 for the increase between 4G and 5G networks in terms of upload and download speeds and user experience in video and games.

The study analyzed the mobile network user experience of major global operators and found that TIM customers achieved 5G download speeds of 296.5 Mbps, which is over 1000% faster than 4G download speeds.

This achievement confirms TIM’s commitment to developing ever higher fixed and mobile network connections and an excellent customer experience.

The report states that Swiss operator Sunrise is also a global leader in 5G, but is lower in the rankings with a 5G download speed score of 217.4 Mbps.

SK Telecom’s smartphone users in South Korea recorded 417.6 Mbps, followed by Taiwan’s Chunghwa. Three world leaders in 5G for download speed have seen speeds above 350 Mbps: South Korean LG U +, Qatari Ooredoo and new Japanese operator Rakuten.

Vodafone Spain and Vodafone New Zealand are also the 5G Global Leaders award for 5G download speed, despite numerous 5G launches in the Vodafone group. German operator Deutsche Telekom also won an award as a global leader in 5G.

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