The war in Ukraine reminded us of a very powerful news format: the live blog. When covering rolling news, a newsroom is challenged to provide updates, analysis, context and even opinion as events unfold.

One of the pioneers of live blogging is arguably the Guardian, with his political blog live for 12 years now and racking up a billion page views.

In an article for the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism (RISJ), the Guardian’s editorial innovation manager, Chris Moranspoke to RISJ Managing Editor Eduardo Suárez about what the newspaper has learned along the way.

“The ‘What We Know So Far’ format is particularly helpful in a story that moves so quickly and can become overwhelming very quickly. The role of opinion here is also critical. It’s really telling that the opinion in this context shows deep engagement and this speaks to the value it has of explaining and contextualizing in interesting ways.Finally, human stories that capture the voices and experiences of those affected almost inevitably command attention. in a way that simple updates cannot,” the article read.

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