Like any other browser, Google Chrome also offers the option to download or save images from Google Image search results and other sites. However, some users have complained that they unable to download Where save pictures from Google Chrome. If you are also facing this problem on your Windows 11/10 computer, the solutions in this article will help you.

Unable to download or save images from Google Chrome

If you are unable to download or save images or images from Google Chrome, one of these suggestions will definitely help you fix the problem.

  1. Clear browsing data
  2. Disable installed extensions
  3. Enable the Sites can display images option
  4. Drag and drop the image to the desktop
  5. Update Google Chrome
  6. Reinstall the Chrome browser.

Let’s check all these options.

1]Clear browsing data

clear browsing data

It is possible that the image and file cache and/or cookies cause such a problem. If so, then you need to clear that browsing data. To do this, here are the steps:

  1. Open Google Chrome browser
  2. Click on the three vertical dots Icon (Customize and control Google Chrome) present at the top right corner of the Google Chrome browser
  3. Place the mouse cursor over the More tools menu to expand it
  4. Click on the Clear browsing data… option
  5. A Clear browsing data pop-up window will open
  6. There, select Cookies and other site data option
  7. To select Cached images and files option
  8. press the Erase data button.

Now wait for the Chrome browser to clear the selected options. After that, relaunch the Chrome browser and now you should be able to download images using the Chrome browser.

2]Disable Installed Extensions

If this problem occurs because of an extension installed on your Chrome browser, check if you can download images after disabling that particular extension. So it will be a manual process. Disable the installed extensions one by one and check if you can download the images. If yes, you need to remove this specific extension from your Chrome browser.

3]Enable sites can display images option

enable sites display images

If the option to display images by sites is disabled, you may also experience this problem. So you should turn on the Sites may display images option. The steps are as follows:

  1. Open Chrome browser
  2. Click on the Customize and control Google Chrome option (three vertical dots icon) available in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser
  3. Click on the Settings option
  4. In the Settings window, click the Security and Privacy category available on the left section
  5. Access Site settings option
  6. Scroll down the Site Settings page
  7. Access Pictures section
  8. Under the Default behavior section, select the Sites may display images radio button
  9. Restart the Chrome browser.

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4]Drag and drop the image to the desktop

It’s not a straightforward solution, but it’s useful when other options don’t work. What you need to do is simply press and hold an image (using the left mouse button) that you want to save, drag it to your desktop, and drop it. The image will be saved successfully.

5]Update Google Chrome

Sometimes an outdated version of a program or app can cause various issues related to that particular program/app. This can also happen in this case because you cannot download or save images from Google Chrome. Keeping programs and other things up-to-date on your Windows 11/10 computer helps keep your computer and programs secure most of the time. So it is good to update Google Chrome then check if your problem is solved.

6]Reinstall Google Chrome

This might be the last solution for you. If none of the options work, you need to uninstall Chrome browser from your computer, remove its leftovers (registry entries, empty folders, etc.), etc. After that, download the Chrome browser installer file from its official website. , and install it.

Hope these solutions help you.

Why can’t I save images from Google Chrome?

There may be a reason why you cannot save images from Google Chrome. For example, it may happen because of cache files or cookies, there may be an extension interfering with the registration process, etc. To fix this problem, you can try the fixes like temporarily disable extensions, update Chrome browser, clear cookies and cache files, etc. All these solutions are also listed by us in this article above.

Why are my downloads failing on Chrome?

If you are having trouble downloading images from Google Chrome, you can try options such as clear browsing data, disable extensions, update Chrome browser, enable the option allowing sites to display images, etc. However, if your download fails for all file types, it may occur due to network failure error, the file you are trying to download no longer exists, there is a download blocked error because Windows Internet Security may have blocked it, etc. In such a case, you need to perform virus scan, check if your IP address is not blocked, remove unwanted software that is blocking the download process, check if you have permission to download the file, increase space storage on your computer, etc.

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