Boston, Massachusetts – (Newsfile Corp. – June 5, 2022) – Unilocker has introduced a token storage platform to allow new DeFi token projects to easily manage team equity and protect investor interests . The platform was first made available on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), a major blockchain network for new projects.

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Acquiring tokens, in addition to locking liquidity, is a feature frequently desired by new project investors. Team Tokens are time-locked in a contract and earned over time, rather than being immediately available to team members. This protects investors from potential token dumping by developers.

Existing token acquisition solutions have found that they cannot work with all types of tokens, especially rebase and reflection tokens. Additionally, since the rewards accrued for the token held in the lock cannot be retrieved, there is a risk of asset loss. These major concerns have resulted in a low level of acceptance for token acquiring, which has led to an increase in fraud as token developers have excuses for not using token acquiring.

To solve this problem, Unilocker launched a token storage platform on the Binance Smart Chain Network. Unilocker’s token acquisition platform is the most advanced token locker on the market with a variety of unique features. It works great with rebase and reward tokens, and lock owners don’t lose any assets. It’s also built on Unilocker’s industry-leading platform, which includes a quick lock interface with one-click buttons and sliders, and a QR code-based lock certificate.

Unilocker, a well-known platform for locking liquidity, is now launching a token acquisition platform. “With its low-cost, high-speed networks, BSC has become a hub for crypto developers and investors,” a Unilocker official said. “Rugpulls and token dumps, on the other hand, plague these networks. It was natural for us to add token lock services to Unilockers’ position as the premier community locker.

Unilocker allows developers to lock their BEP20 tokens into a time-locked contract that will release them on a set vesting schedule. Admin functions such as extending the lock duration, withdrawing rewards, and increasing the lock amount are available once the lock is created.

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