New York, United States – Veea Inc., announced Veea’s trusted virtual broadband access (vTBA) solution that runs on the Veea edge platform VeeaHub some products. VeeaHub enables cable operators to offer new services such as subscriptions based on users’ devices that are not tied to a specific location or access point, but can be “live” anywhere on the network of operators. This solution dramatically increases the flexibility for carriers to deliver core network-managed, cellular-like Wi-Fi capabilities directly to devices in the home, business, or ILMs while reducing the cost of delivering broadband services. up to 50% compared to traditional FTTx solutions.

Work in collaboration with Cable Labs and a globally recognized cable operator in Latin America, pilot testing of the technology has shown extended broadband reach and penetration at cost savings of up to 50% over traditional FTTx solutions. This pilot project focused on prepaid subscriptions in unserved and underserved markets. The objective of the pilot project was to bring broadband to new underserved communities while generating additional revenue opportunities for the cable operator. The pilot has remained in continuous operation without any interruption since September 2021.

VeeaHub is the device on the market that incorporates CableLabs custom connectivity innovation to address the challenge for operators to view and manage devices beyond the cable modem and/or gateway. This technology enables a direct network-to-device relationship that offers operators a way to create performance and security tailored to one or a group of devices to better support various use cases such as work from home, direct home and office user access and IoT. devices, remote learning and telehealth, and similar use cases without the need for separate customer equipment or access points.

“This new approach, led by CableLabs on behalf of its global members, is a truly significant breakthrough, especially when it comes to solving the biggest challenges associated with providing broadband access for all,” said Allen Salmasi , CEO of Veea. “As a collaborator in technology development, Veea is focused on delivering transformative solutions at a much lower total cost of ownership. When service delivery costs are halved, projects that otherwise would never have seen the light of day are now within reach, and ultimately it will benefit tens of millions of people, without broadband access. band for their Wi-Fi enabled devices, and the cable companies that serve them.

VeeaHub combines CableLabs custom connectivity technology with Veea’s virtualized network slicing solution that covers WAN, LAN and WI-FI in a single network fabric. The custom connectivity gateway feature runs on the VeeaHub product as a virtualized network feature with VeeaHub’s software-defined networking (SDN) and advanced traffic shaping to provide virtual LAN/WAN segments over “network slices” to devices such as laptops, tablets or cameras. and IP-connected and addressable locks, doorbells, leak detectors, thermostats, HVAC, boilers and more. Devices connect securely through a network slice managed by the core network to a VeeaHub Wi-Fi access point, via a virtual CPE (vCPE) that runs in a Secure Docker container on the VeeaHub, while providing the user with complete control and visibility of all subscribed devices. no matter where they are at home, office, school or any other place.

This further facilitates highly secure roaming for Wi-Fi and other IP addressable devices within vTBA coverage with managed policies, like cellular services, creating multiple revenue models without any special software running on these devices. The operator is licensed to host third-party business models on VeeaHub, including a wide range of IoT solutions and services, home health management, gaming, home automation and security, building management systems and many others.

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