Voices of the Year (VOTY) is a long-running BlogHer initiative where we celebrate incredible editors and creators who inspire us with their exceptional and exceptional work in publishing. Last year we launched our very first VOTY digital number and honored three editors in BlogHer Biz.

This year, two publishers from the SHE Media Collective Levi Chambers, founder of Rainbow Media and Danica Janae, founder of By Nica Lina, were the VOTY winners.

They both received their awards at BlogHer Health LA on May 20, where they gave inspiring and passionate speeches about how they grew their business and how SHE Media helped them succeed!

Meet the BlogHer Health 2022 VOTY Spotlight Winners

Levi Chambers is the founder of Rainbow Media Co. which houses gayety.co and notable corporate accounts @Pride, @lgbtand @lgbtq. He has a decade of experience in LGBTQ+ media that spans digital, print, and streaming. He is also the founding publisher of Pride.com and host of the Pride Podcast, which regularly receives 20,000 listeners per month.

“Being the recipient of the VOTY award reaffirms the work of Rainbow Media Co in amplifying the stories of queer people. From the sweetest voices in the most marginalized corners of our community to the loudest and proudest LGBTQ people and our allies fighting for equality.

The VOTY award affects our work by validating our continued effort for the inclusion of all queer people. As a publisher, we challenged a rigorous set of queer archetypes in mainstream media and made way for a more nuanced, complex and evolved understanding of sexuality and gender. Thanks to this award, we now know that we can take up space and be adopted. “

Levi Chambers, founder of Rainbow Media Co.

“Our stay at BlogHer was ideal. We had the opportunity to talk to people we greatly admire and were very impressed with the friendliness, thoroughness and calmness of the staff. Our biggest takeaway was that events don’t have to be chaotic. The atmosphere at BlogHer Health was calm, relaxing even. It was almost like a retreat, which is certainly a first for us. – Ray Monaghan, Creative Director, Rainbow Media Co.

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Rainbow Media Co Creative Director Ray Monaghan accepts VOTY award on behalf of Levi Chambers at BlogHer Health LA | 2022

“If I had to choose three words to describe the BlogHer Health conference, I would choose ‘intelligent, fun and relaxing’. It was great to connect with colleagues from She Media who we initially met via video conference. And meet other She Media Collective editors and contacts that we plan to partner with on programs.

I always find that the biggest takeaways from conferences are new contacts and following up on current contacts. But this time it’s different. Dr. Cindy Duke from the Black Maternal Health panel really caught my eye. The information and statistics she shared about how the medical profession is learning to treat black and brown women differently than white women are based on misinformation. And how that leads to higher death rates, less pain management, and many other disparities in care. It moved me. At a minimum, I share my experience hearing this with my family and peers. – Bernard Rook, Digital Strategy and Operations Rainbow Media Co.

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Danica Janae, founder of By Nica Lina & She’s out of town

Danica Janae is the founder of two premium brands By Nica Lina and She’s out of town. Through her publishing website By Nica Lina, she educates her audience on the topics of self-care and lifestyle and gives them the right inspiration to live their best life. She is also passionate about mentorship and has established She’s out of town – a marketing agency that helps content creators grow their brands.

“The award means a lot to me. It’s motivating and I feel seen for everything I’ve done to get to where I am today. It drives me to do more and do more! It makes me excited for more to come. This is an important step!

I had such a happy experience at BlogHer Health. Being part of the event was such an honor, and for that, I will always be grateful for this opportunity. From being a participant a few years ago, dreaming of one day being the woman I saw on stage, to being one now, it was truly an unforgettable experience! »

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Danica Janae delivering her VOTY Award acceptance speech at BlogHer Health LA | 2022

Danica shared how the adversities she faced helped shape who she is today and how traveling helped find herself, discover her heritage in the Philippines, and make brave and bold decisions. She’s also focused on helping women live the life of their dreams and get to where they need to be faster than it takes. After participating in BlogHer a year ago with her mother, she has come full circle to be on stage as a well-deserved winner!

Watch Danica’s award speech from the 46-minute livestream of the event.

These winners are part of the SHE Media Collective, as well as our Meaningful Marketplace program.