the Big Brother Canada 10 house just got hit by a major tornado as we witnessed the first ever double security chain eviction. Double expulsion from the safety chain. This resulted in the second major eviction of the night. Guests must be feeling a little scared about their place in the house and the game after the events of last night which saw Jess Gowling and Tynesha White leave the game.

Everyone should fight for the title of head of household this week. The last expulsion also means that the Big Brother Canada 10 jury part of the season has begun. That means the days of playing it safe are over. It’s time to send some major players out the door and into the jury house.

The streams were down for most of the night, but eventually returned to reveal the HOH.

BBCAN10 Week 6 HOH Results

Marty tried to dismiss Gino in yesterday’s double ejection, so it will be interesting to see if he makes a move against him this week. Kevin has a lot of influence over Marty, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he leads Marty’s HOH like he did Jess’s HOH. This could mean that Hermon and Moose will see the block again this week.

Are you happy with this week’s Head of Household winner? Who do you think they’ll appoint?

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