The new Power of Veto spoilers for Big Brother 23 have arrived and we have the results that set us up for the final names of the week. Read on for this week’s PoV spoilers!

This was going to be a crucial Veto competition as we waited to see if DX would be pulled to play so he could thread the needle in a particular combination of events and force a Face-to-Face Cookout on the block. Of course, DX didn’t know this was all facing him like a do or die, so the chances of him feeling it in time were going to be slim, but hey, just forget about it anyway because he didn’t. did not get his chip pulled!

Instead, Alyssa, Azah, and DF were all picked to play in the Veto while DX would watch backstage as his game was likely evaporating in front of him without even knowing it was happening. It’s just the way Big Brother sometimes goes!

Remember Sarah initially named Claire and DF, but Alyssa then won the spinning power of the roulette wheel that she used to save DF and Xavier was randomly chosen as the fame. So these were our names before the composition: Claire and Xavier.

Big Brother 23 Spoilers: Week 7 Veto Contest Results:

  • Xavier won the veto power

Punishments are also prizes involved. Looks like the HGs had a shot at making more BB Bucks (you need to make sure the production gets the action they need on that). Xavier also appears to have earned a future nomination next week as the 3rd name unless he wins HOH (and he will then be the 3rd name the following week instead). Oh, X also lost all of his BB Bucks. And wait, Xavier is also under solitary confinement? Wow, it was quite a compromise for X to gain a veto that he didn’t need, but I guess every time you’re on the block you need the veto.

Xavier withdraws definitively from the Block. And when he does, DX will be named as Hall of Fame and will be targeted by the Cookout for deportation on Thursday. This week is well settled, but of course nothing is final until Julie announces it. Can DX disturb Claire?

Who do you want out this week? Share your choice below.

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