Big Brother spoilers continue to roll on BB24 and these Houseguests played again this weekend. In fact, they clocked twice, with both sides of the house running their own series of events for the nominating and vetoing events. You’ve got a lot to catch up on for Big Brother 24 this weekend, so read on for the latest news from the Live stream.

Groups of divided houses:
Michael took over from Big BroChella while Terrance was banished to Dyre Fest in the backyard. So who did each of them choose? Michael was showing his strategy for securing his target and his closest ally. In the meantime, I’m not sure about Terrance’s strategy here, but at least it’s consistent for the season!

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Like I said, Michael has a target and again he’s using the tried and tested BB24 method of “oh, it’s not *you* I want, it’s that other bigger target.” Hook, line and sinker. Now, on the other side, things are getting messy. One of Dyre Fest’s HGs decided to try their way out of the remains. We’ll have to see how that works out for him.

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Power of Veto Contest:
Guess production said two Veto comps in one afternoon would be too much, so BroChella was called into the arena overnight. The medallion winner should align with the wishes of the HOH, and we’ll see Michael’s plan go off without a hitch. The outdoor band had their roster at their usual time and with the stakes incredibly high for the target, it was a disappointment for their fans.

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Meeting on the right of veto:
Veto meetings are usually held on Mondays, but you’ve seen how production progressed in one of the Veto comps. It is possible that we also have a confused arrangement on the meetings, but no idea so far. But either way it’s delivered, the results should be the same. No Veto will be played, the names will remain the same and the targets will remain where they are: Joseph and Jasmine.

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