Just as they sound, dealer-installed options are features of a car that are installed at a dealership. But they aren’t always necessary and usually come with a hefty price tag that inflates a vehicle’s negotiated selling price.

Tradable options

Also known as dealer add-ons, dealer-installed options are items that are added to a car at the dealership, before it hits the field. These do not need to be approved by the car manufacturer and are generally not covered by any manufacturer’s warranty, although dealerships do add manufacturer labeled or approved items that may be covered, so be sure to ask the dealer about it.

Pricing for these options varies from dealer to dealer and should be listed on a separate window sticker, called an additional label, distinct from the manufacturer’s sticker. This label tells buyers the price of all dealer-installed options and lists the total asking price of the vehicle – which is the MSRP plus additional item costs.

Some dealer-installed options, such as paint protection, rust proofing, and interior fabric stain proof treatment cannot be removed. But you should be aware that these items are usually added at dealerships and be prepared to negotiate the price they charge for these additional options. Other options commonly installed by dealers include window tint, wheel locks, anti-theft systems, remote starters or nitrogen filled tires. You can also refuse to pay for these items and ask to see another car of the same make and model without the dealer’s accessories.

Non-removable options

When shopping for a new car, do not confuse dealer-installed options with factory or port-installed options (a manufacturer’s option installed after a vehicle arrives in the United States). These options are often part of packages or trim levels and cannot be removed or negotiated individually. So it won’t do you any good to insist that you don’t pay for them.

The easiest way to tell if an accessory is a factory or port installed option is to find out if it is listed on the manufacturer’s window sticker. If it’s on the Monroney tag, you’re stuck with it if you’re planning on buying the model you’re looking at.

Choose the dealership option that’s right for you

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