If in the last few weeks there is an application that is downloaded a lot from Google Play and App Store it is Be real. Is a new social network which penetrates among all the users who use the networks to show what they do and do not hesitate to share it, whatever it is. The name itself gives clues as to what it means: be real Today we tell you why it succeeds and how it works. It’s kind of like Snapchat, but with a twist. spontaneousunique and very special.

BeReal: only one photo per day and per surprise

The objective of Be real is to show your friends reality of your day at a specific time. To achieve this, the social network has a very interesting attraction: you can only publish one photo per day, with the two mobile cameras and by surprise. How? It might sound a little “meh” but it’s great fun if you have multiple friends using it.

When you download the app, you can add friends from your contact list or through links you have seen on other social networks. when you add a friend he can see your BeReal and you can see his. The curious thing about the app is that you can’t post a lot or whenever you want: there is a limit of one message every 24 hours and you have to download it when the app decides.

It’s time to create your BeReal! Smile and get both cameras ready

When the app is installed once a dayand randomly you get a notification so you can publish your BeReal. It’s never the same time and all your friends in the same time zone get the notification at the same time. Important! You have two minutes to get the BeReal.

With this tactic, the app ensures that you’re real and you don’t prepare Or you only post when you go out to dinner or with friends. No matter what you do, you must take your mobile and take a picture at that time. And be careful, the photo is taken with the front and rear camerato be even more real.

If you don’t upload anything, you will post a late BeReal

It’s okay if he catches you driving or taking a nap: you can post a late BeReal. Of course, when you click on the camera icon you only have 2 minutes to take the picture and send it.

Your friends will get a notification that says something like: “So-and-so posted a late BeReal.” If you post the BeReal when the app asks you, no notification will be triggered, as it is understood that the rest of your friends will also be inside the app posting their BeReal and seeing the rest .

If you don’t post anything, you don’t see anything

The best thing about the app is that you forces you to post content if you want to see the rest. If you have 100 friends uploading content, you won’t be able to see that content until you upload a BeReal. And if more than 24 hours pass, it will be deleted.

In this way it ceases to be a social network just to “watch” because you have to interact if you want to see what your friends are posting.

BeReal private or public

The app focuses on private and friend content, but it doesn’t just allow this mode. There is a tab called “Discovery” where you can watch BeReal from random people around the world. Even you can configure your account as “public” and let the rest of the app users see your content.

It is a very interesting proposal that is becoming popular and has more and more users. Is a social network which tries to fight against prepared content, performance and perfection in networks. What do you think? Are you going to give it a chance?