If the application WhatsApp is out of service or down, as sometimes happens, many of its users tend to use applications with similar functions in order to continue chatting with a client, a company, or simply with all your friends and thus comment on what arrives at the social network.

For this there are a variety of very different alternatives to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or classic Instagram DMs. Best of all, you can even continue the conversations you have with a certain person and even continue to send photos, videos, GIFs, stickers, and emojis.

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What is that? Yes WhatsApp It goes down for several hours, due to the failure of Facebook servers, you can have apps as an alternative to talk to whoever you want even if it is too far away. The only requirement is that this person must have the app installed on the cell phone, as well as a phone number.

So get to work and always use one of them in case of any possibility with Facebook apps, otherwise your cell phone will be useless. Best of all, they don’t take too long if you haven’t saved chats and only use them sporadically.


  • SMS: The Google application for text messages allows you to send not only the traditional words, but also attach photos and animated stickers. Thanks to it, we can also know whether or not a person has read what we have sent. It is a good alternative to have it on your mobile. If you have it, don’t delete it.
  • Signal: Although it has many functions similar to WhatsApp, you can chat there without any problem. The only thing you need to have is internet connectivity so that you can send whatever you want.
  • Telegram: It is the most powerful alternative and has some elements that WhatsApp hardly has such as app color customization, secret chats, messages that self-destruct in an instant, etc.
Know all the apps that you should have on your cell phone if WhatsApp goes down.  (Photo: Xataka)
Know all the apps that you should have on your cell phone if WhatsApp goes down. (Photo: Xataka)
  • Twitter: This is the social network where everyone tries to find out if WhatsApp is down or not. Thanks to it, you can also send the messages without the need for additional payment. The downside is that it is necessary for the other person to have the active mailbox to start chatting.
  • Google Chat: is another alternative. The best thing about it is that it works on any mobile device and even on the computer just by opening this connect. The only bad thing is that you have to associate the Gmail email to speak, this requirement is usually found by users of an Android terminal.

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